Bacon often has a reputation for a basic and humble kind of food. While bacon is a spectacular ingredient that livens up any dish, and that many great chefs have used to make truly incredible creations, the idea that it’s a common sort of food persists. Part of this is pure affection, as we remember bacon being a regular part of our childhood meals, simple bacon and egg breakfasts often being staple morning fare as we were growing up. We often have to remind ourselves that bacon can, in fact, be quite sophisticated.

While bacon might not be he very first thing that leaps to mind when you ponder high culture, there have been many great works of art inspired by bacon. Now, while we have talked about things like painting and sculpture here in the past, it turns out that bacon has had an influence over some great pieces of performance art too. For this edition of Bacon Love Friday, here are some of the most interesting bacon performances to have ever taken place.

The Francis Bacon Opera

This is the work of composer and director Steven Crowe. It is a chamber opera that will be performed at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It is based on a complete transcription of an interview that took place between the painter Sir Francis Bacon and author and broadcaster Melvyn Bragg in 1986. Sounds smashing!


This was an experimental dance piece performed in Amsterdam’s Stadsschouwburg studio. It was based on the paintings of the same Francis Bacon as inspired the opera (he gets around!). The dance piece was primarily performed by Nadine Linning for the Carnage Culture event, with collaboration from photographers and mixed media artists.

Bacon Ballet

Alright, this Francis Bacon character sure has inspired a lot of dance routines. Last year the Paris Opera Ballet, about as prestigious as it gets, put on this dance choreographed by Wayne McGregor. Called “Anatomie de la Sensation,” the shapes of the dancers bodies were also inspired by Francis Bacon’s work.

La sale dance du bacon

This is a mobile, avant-garde dance performance project that takes over deserted spaces and turns them into de facto studios. How chic!

Champagne and Bacon Productions

As the name suggests, this company specializes in putting on high-brow events that are still fun and exciting. For example: a performance by a world-renowned belly dance company. Bellies love bacon!