Here at the Republic of Bacon, we do our best to celebrate the local heroes of bacon in our towns and cities. All over North America, in hugely successful businesses and struggling start-ups, bacon innovators are applying creative wizardry to everyone’s favourite meat, doing their part of elevate bacon from mere food to cultural phenomenon.

These bacon innovators are constantly looking for ways to make bacon bigger, better, and more exciting. They develop amazing new products and concoct winning recipes. Whenever we come across one of these local bacon warriors in the wild, we do our best to give them a little love.

Dangerous Dan’s

Today, we want to shine our bacony spotlight on a restaurant that goes by the already-exciting moniker Dangerous Dan’s. Located in the Riverdale neighbourhood of East Toronto, right at the corner of Broadview and Queen Street East, this little hole in the wall has an ambience all it’s own. The moment you walk in and see the heavily tattooed staff, and notice that the few tables in the place are furnished with chairs torn out of old cars, you know that the dining experience is going to be special.

But of course, it’s not just the look and feel of the place that make’s Dangerous Dan’s special – it is the food. Since 1999, Dan’s has been cooking up some of the most astounding burgers that Toronto has to offer, both in terms of size and sheer, unadulterated deliciousness. They also make no bones about the fact that their burgers are not exactly diet food, and proudly serve up some meals that count as a serious indulgence.

The Big Pig and the Colossal Colon Clogger

Their menu is as hilarious as it is mouth-watering. The burger that we first fell in love with (of course) features the most bacon that they’re able to cram on only a single patty while still managing to assemble a delicious, edible treat. The Big Pig is certainly a humdinger of a burger, but as huge as it is, it always manages to disappear in the blink of an eye when I order one. An 8oz. patty is topped with four slices of bacon, two pieces of peameal bacon, along with cheddar, mayo, tomato and lettuce. This burger is a bacon-lover’s dream come true.

If you really want to experience something outrageous, however, Dangerous Dan’s also has you covered. In addition to burgers, onion rings, and fantastic milk shakes, Dan’s is not afraid to serve the kind of food that comes with an implicit dare. For example, the king of the menu is something that they call the Colossal Colon Clogger Combo. A 24 oz. Burger (!!!) comes topped with a quarter pound of cheese, and quarter pound of bacon, and two fried eggs. Oh, and they throw in a shake and poutine too, in case you were still hungry.

The next time you find yourselves in Toronto, bacon lovers, check out Dangerous Dan’s. Their burgers are definitely a bacon fan’s dream.