Right now, Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, a huge, international series of parties being thrown to mark her 60th anniversary as the ruler of England. Imagine it, 60 years on the throne! All throughout the UK, and countries with close ties to the monarchy (like old colonies and dominions), parades, galas and other celebrations are being thrown to mark this momentous occasion. Not only has the Queen ruled for a full 60 years, but she is also very well loved by her own subjects and the international community. The official date of the Diamond Jubilee was June 2nd 2012, and it is only the second such celebration ever to be held in the history of the British monarchy – the only other ruler to make it to their Diamond Jubilee was Queen Victoria, who celebrated hers on June 22nd 1897.

The Republic of Bacon is honoured to do out own part to honour this grand event, and so we present a special edition of this blog dedicated to bacon tea, in honour of the British monarchy.

Types of Bacon Teas

If you were unaware that bacon tea was actually a thing (as I was only a short time ago) it may surprise you to learn that there are actually several types of bacon tea available. First, there is straightforward bacon tea, like the kind made by Adagio Teas. This is a blend of a very smoky lapsang souchong tea, which has a distinctly wood-fired flavour, blended with ceylon teas that hint at apple and caramel. The result is a tea that tastes surprisingly like applewood-smoked bacon, and is therefore a perfect drink to to serve along side a brunch of bacon and pancakes.

Then, there are the maple bacon tea, like this one made by Man Teas, a company that makes flavours of tea specifically to appeal to men. Rather than chamomile or earl grey, they have flavours like coconut cream pie and jalapeno – and, of course, maple bacon. For this tea, black tea is blended with imitation bacon bits and maple flavour for a truly bacony experience.

Then, there is this complex and delicious apple smoked bacon tea, made by the Herbal Infusions company in Canada. With premium black tea, real bits of bacon, smoky lapsang souchong, and apple, this tea is robust and deep-flavoured enough to be a meal in and of itself.

And To Serve Your Bacon Tea…

Once you have your array of bacon teas assembled for a very sophisticated afternoon tea time with friends, why not use this stunning teacup and saucer, made out of bacon, as a centrepiece? Or would you dare to even try and serve tea is such a cup? Either way, this is one tea party we can’t wait to be invited to!