There are three foods that I hold above all others, that together form the Holy Trinity of Deliciousness: cheese, bacon and butter. They are each of them delicious on their own, or can be combined together to make truly remarkable and indulgent culinary creations. Today, I want to focus on butter (and, of course, bacon). Whether melted and drizzled over popcorn, used to dunk sweet piece of lobster meat in, or simply smeared on a still-warm muffin fresh from the oven, real butter is simply one of the most delicious things on the entire planet, and also a natural friend to bacon (as we recently posted in our recipe section).

To further draw your attention to this particular match made in culinary heaven, we’ve put together a few of the simplest and most daring ways that butter and bacon can be combined.

Candied Bacon Butter

Now we’ve already given you a recipe for straight up bacon butter, but if you want to sweeten things up and make this combo a little more interesting, then candied bacon butter is definitely the way to do. The candied bacon keeps just a little bit of its crunch, adding a neat textural element to the smooth butter, and the subtle sweetness makes this absolutely perfect for adorning a bagel or scone during a lazy Sunday breakfast.

Bacon Molasses Butter

Another slightly sweet combination, this compound butter gets a rich, deep flavour from molasses, which is strong enough to stand up to the creaminess of the butter and the flavourful saltiness of the bacon. The recipe recommends that you use it to top a steak, and we think this is an excellent suggestion.

Bourbon Bacon Butter

You must have seen this one coming. Bourbon and bacon form a winning combination. The slightly sweet and wonderfully smoky alcohol is a near perfect compliment to the salt crunch of bacon. Add some butter to mellow both of them out, and you have something very special. Bonus: the smell of this melting is to die for.

Bacon and Blue Cheese Butter

Remember when I said that to complete the triad of Best Foods in the Universe, cheese had to me mentioned? Well, I couldn’t help but work this third wonder ingredient into this post somehow. Whether topping a steak, mashed into some potatoes, or slowly melting over your veggies, the bacon, butter and blue cheese together perfection. Bonus: this recipe gets a little freshness from the chives, keeping it from being too heavy and rich!