The other night I was really craving a taco, but I didn’t have any of the stuff to make it. The more I waited to go to the store, the more my cravings began to change. I started craving a burger: a big, fat, juicy, homemade burger. I didn’t have the stuff to make that either. So it was off to the store. When I began to think about what kind of spices I was going to put into my ground beef, it hit me: taco seasoning. Toppings? Taco-style toppings. A beast was born. So how am I going to incorporate the bacon? That’s an excellent question. I’m going to grind that stuff up, and mix it in right with the ground beef. This will be the juiciest, most flavourful burger you’ll ever have. I’ll even show you how to make a simple homemade salsa for topping!


1 lb Extra Lean Ground Beef

8 strips Maple Leaf Bacon

3-4 tbsp Taco Seasoning

1 Egg

~1/4 cup Bread Crumbs

2 Tomatoes (or an equivalent amount of small ones)

3 cloves Garlic

½ Onion

¼ cup Cilantro

1 Lime, juiced

1 Serrano Chili

Lettuce, Sour Cream, Pickled Jalapenos, Shredded Cheddar and Tortilla Chips as toppings

Makes 4 big burgers


1. Dice up your tomatoes nice and small. I used a mix of some heirloom, grape and cherry tomatoes for colour, contrast and juicy sweet flavour.

2. Mince up your garlic and Serrano chili, dice your half onion and chop up your cilantro. Mix all of these things plus the juice of one lime in will all your diced tomatoes. Let this sit for a little while and you’ve got yourself some salsa!

3. If you’ve got some taco seasoning on hand, go grab it. I’ve made my own mixture involving some chili, garlic and onion powders, some oregano, paprika, cumin and chili flakes. Or you can just use some bought mix. It’s up to you, I’m not judging.

4. Mix together your ground beef, your pulverized bacon (use your food processor!), taco seasoning , the single egg and some of your breadcrumbs. I’m estimating a quarter cup of breadcrumbs, but I think I used more. What you need to do is mix everything together by hand and add the breadcrumbs little by little. If the mix still feels wet, add more breadcrumbs. Once it feels dry, you’re done adding breadcrumbs. It’s that easy.

5. Form your ground mixture into some nice sized patties. I like to make big burgers because I think they stay juicer.

6. Now it’s time to prep our burger. Grab a toasted bun and spread some sour cream all over it.

7. Throw down some of your homemade salsa.

8. Put your beautifully grilled burger down.

9. Top with some cheese.

10. Pickled Jalapenos

11. Finally some shredded lettuce and TORTILLA CHIPS! Yes! It wouldn’t be a taco burger without some aspect of a tortilla! This gives the burger a super nice crunch!

12. Top that off and serve with more of those wonderful tortilla chips.