Now, I don’t want to suggest that bacon actually needs improving on. This delectable food is perfect in every way, just the way that it is. Despite all the fancy combinations, exciting new bacon products and ever-growing collection of new dishes and recipes to draw upon, the simple beauty of a strip of crispy, perfectly cooked bacon all on its own is still one of my favourite things in the whole world. Whenever I am cooking breakfast for my partner or friends, stealing that first piece of bacon as it sits draining on a paper towel, still warm from the pan, and eating it unaccompanied by anything else is still totally perfect.

There are mornings, however, when I shy away from eating bacon – crazy, I know – for a surprising reason: I am afraid it will make me feel a bit sleepy. Whenever I eat any meat, especially early in the day, I tend to feel a little bit more tired than I do if I eat a lighter breakfast. The bacon makes me feel so full and content that sometimes I want to take a nap instead of getting going with my day.

Once again, science has provided me with an excellent solution: caffeinated bacon. Yep, it turns out there are a whole bunch of products that combine the deliciousness of bacon with the sweet, energizing life of caffeine. For this week’s Bacon Love Friday, here are some of my favourite caffeinated bacon products!

Bacon Caffeine Maple Lollipop

This combines three of the greatest things on the entire planet into one sweet candy. The taste is out of this world, and it’s a wonderful sugary treat to keep you going on a rainy, gloomy afternoon when a nap at your desk starts to look a little too delicious.

Caffeine Bacon Pepper Soap

Caffeine isn’t only something you consume – it can also be absorbed right through your skin! This do-it-yourself soap is a great way to start your day. It smells great, spicy and bacony, and will put some zip in your step the minute you step out of the shower!

Perky Jerky

While not exactly bacon, this high quality beef jerky also contains guarana, ensuring that you get energy from both the protein and the chemical kick.


This incredible creation is a coffee flavoured beer created by the Denver Beer Company. Bacon, coffee, and alcohol, all in a single beverage? I’m shocked I don’t already have an IV drip of this stuff set up.

Maple Bacon Coffee

You knew it was only a matter of time before someone made coffee that tasted like bacon, so that you can drink your whole breakfast on the way to work. This is a nice option if you don’t feel like drinking the coffee bacon beer quite so early in the morning!