Ah, the sweet smell of bacon. It’s a thing of beauty, no? The way the aroma curls seductively in your nostrils, making your stomach growl and your mouth water. The way that there are few more pleasant ways to wake up on a Sunday morning than to drift towards wakefulness, following the scent of bacon and coffee as someone makes breakfast in the kitchen. Whatever you may be cooking, it’s the moment that the bacon hits the pan, whether to crisp up to be crumbled over a salad or mingling with some onions and garlic as the base of a sauce, that someone in the next room is bound to exclaim, “wow, that sure smells great!” Bacon is unquestionably one of my favourite smells, and I am most definitely not alone in this preference.

Of course, there are some moments when cooking bacon just to enjoy the smell isn’t a practical choice, no matter how fragrant the results might be. As much as I’d like to say I am never too busy or too rushed to take the time and cook up a pan of bacon, sadly this is not the case. Luckily, there are ways that I can enjoy the sweet smell of bacon without heating the oven or getting out a cast-iron pan. Some enterprising bacontrepreneurs have put the time and energy into making some fantastic scented products that give you a bit of your bacon-aroma fix when you can’t quite manage to get yourself in front of the stove.

Bacon Candle

This bacon-scented candle is the original Man Candle, the flagship product of a company that was tired of only seeing candles with scents like “spring breeze” and “lavender relaxation.” All of their strong, manly scents are designed to appeal to the more rough-and-tumble consumer who is more interested smelling like grilled meat than flowers. The bacon candle, which burns for all of 30 hours, is still a top seller.

Bacon Air Fresheners

If you don’t feel like actually hanging a couple of crispy rashers from the rear view mirror, then this bacon-scented car air freshener is the way to go. While it may have you pulling over in the morning to grab a quick bacon breakfast sandwich at the drive-thru more often than before, at least your car will always smell appetizing.

Then, there’s Crunchy Bacon Scent, an aerosol spray from the Smell of Books company. Originally founded as an e-book enhancer, the original scents like New Book Smell and Classic Musty smell were designed to inject a little more olfactory authenticity into the e-reading experience. They have branched out since then, and their line now includes this delectable spray for the food lovers, as well as book lovers, in the crowd.

Bacon Cologne

Sometimes, a room spray or a candle simply isn’t going to cut it. You’re getting ready for a hot night on the town, and want to smell your best. That is where Bacon cologne comes in, an exclusive scent from Fargginay. Dab a little of this on your wrists and neck and any day or night is sure to be an adventure!