If I had to pick a favourite desert, this would be it. Hands down. Homemade and from my Nonna’s kitchen, preferably. There’s something magical about nonnas – grandmothers, for those non-Italians. They use the same damn ingredients, they cook things for the same amount of time, they put things in the same order, but for some magical reason, EVERYTHING they make tastes WAY better than you can ever dream of making it. I don’t get it. I never will. Because I’ll never be a Nonna. Well, here’s to her – but she’d probably smack me for putting bacon in it!


8 Strips Maple Leaf Bacon

8 tbsp Brown Sugar

4 Eggs, divided

¼ cup White Sugar

1 lb Mascarpone Cheese

2 cups Espresso

¼ cup Amaretto Liquor, optional

~300g Lady Fingers, Savoiardi!!

¼ cup Cocoa Powder

3 tbsp 70% Dark Chocolate, grated


1. Preheat your oven to 400F and coat your bacon strips with brown sugar on a lined baking sheet. Yes, that’s right. We’re making the magical wonder that is caramelized bacon. 7-10 minutes on each side! See my Chocolate cookies for detailed instructions.

2. While your bacon is caramelizing, whisk together your egg yolks and sugar into a nice creamy texture.

3. Thoroughly mix in that wonderful mascarpone cheese. Taste. Why? Because its delicious, that’s why.

4. Whip your egg whites with an electric beater or stand mixer until you get stiff peaks. Gently fold these whites into your mascarpone mixture to make it light and fluffy. Set this aside while you prep the rest of the tiramisu.

5. Grab your lady fingers and dunk them once into your espresso that’s been mixed with the Amaretto (if you choose to booze). Careful, the lady fingers are like a sponge – if you soak them too much, then the end result will be quite soggy. They should be still dry in the middle, but moist on the outside. Don’t worry they’ll soak through after we let this set.

6. Layer on that wonderful caramelized bacon.

7. Grab half of your mascarpone mixture, and smother it right over everything. Nice and even. Try not to eat all the mascarpone before it goes on the cake. It’ll be hard, but be strong.

8. Repeat with another layer of soaked ladyfingers, bacon and mascarpone and let that sit overnight in the fridge.

9. In the morning (if you were able to wait that long), sprinkle on some cocoa powder. A nice even layer on top.

10. Then, if you want, add some freshly shaved, good quality dark chocolate.

11. Cut a piece and bite into some heaven on a plate.