As summer heats up in Canada, I am finding myself less and less interested in slaving over a hot stove, making dinner while trapped inside on a sublime summer day. Instead, I tend to be far happier slaving in front of a hot grill. It’s barbecue season folks, and that means char marks and melty cheese, sweet corn and steaks. I’m not the only one adjusting what I serve; many restaurants across Canada are also changing up their menus to reflect the weather, and their summer fair is looking great. Many of these dishes are positively grill-tastic – and sport a healthy dose of bacon!

So for this edition of Bacon Love Friday, we’re firing up the grill and going out in search of the Great Canadian Burger.

Ruby Watchco

This restaurant, founded and run by celebrity chef Lynn Crawford has an amazing burger on their menu, one they unashamedly call the Great Canadian Burger. Topped with peameal bacon (the quintessential Canadian bacon) and smothered in Canadian cheddar, this burger reminds us why food the True North is truly something to be proud of.

Deaux Cheveax

This burger comes from the wilds of Windsor, Ontario. It makes use of tangy (and Canadian) Kozlik’s mustard, and gets even more flavour from the smoked bacon and melted gruyere cheese. This burger sure sounds like a winner to me!


This burger isn’t topped with bacon – it IS the bacon. The heritage pork burger hails from Charcut roast house in Calgary, AB, and is made entirely from delicious pork rather than traditonal beef. Sandwiched between a buttery brioche roll and topped with a fried egg, we can’t imagine getting much more decadent.


This Montreal monument to meat has some of the best burgers this country has to offer, including a $100 burger made of Kobe beef and topped with what must be some of the finest strips of bacon in all the land.

The Stockyards

This Toronto barbecue institution is short on seats by large on flavour, so make sure you show up early, especially for their brunch. There incredible “griddle smashed” burgers aren’t just served with bacon, but pork belly cracklins as well. What could be better?