It’s hot. I mean really hot. Middle of July kind of hot. And guess what? I don’t have any air conditioning. There’s only one proper way to cool down: Ice cream. We all know it, we all love it. The feeling we get as we hear the ice cream man drive by takes us back to our magical childhood when we’d chase that truck for miles down the street with the change our parents gave us falling out of our pockets. Let’s recreate that feeling but class it up a little. Let’s add some grilled pineapple, throw it on some angel-food cake and of course pop some crispy caramelized bacon on top.


5 strips Maple Leaf Bacon

5 tbsp Brown Sugar

1 Pinapple, peeled and cored

6 Mini Angel Food Cakes

2 cups Vanilla Ice Cream


1. Make some caramelized bacon! I’m sure you’ve done it before. If you haven’t, check out my guide from when I made my baconized cookies (link).

2. Grab your pineapple, cut it in half and then make ¼” slices.

3. On a nice hot grill, throw down your slices of pineapple, and grill on each side for roughly 2-4 minutes.

4. You should see some gorgeous grill marks and the colour of the pineapple should begin to deepen.

5. Assembly time. Grab your angel food cake

6. Top with three or four pieces of your gorgeously grilled pineapple

7. Add a quenelle of ice cream and a few pieces of your chopped caramelized bacon. Pork and pineapple go extremely well together, so there is absolutely no reason that this desert won’t be a hit at your next outdoor party!