Here at the Republic of Bacon, we do all that we can to support up and coming bacon entrepreneurs – or bacontrepreneurs, as we like to call them. The reason that bacon occupies such a hallowed place in popular culture (other than its sheer deliciousness, of course) is the fact that smart, savvy, and creative bacon loving folks out keep innovating new and exciting ways to prepare, consume and celebrate this food.

We eagerly seek out new bacon products and projects, like just about anything the great people are J&D’s Foods rolls out or any tasty treat The Baconery cook up in their magical kitchens, and give them as much a boost as we can. When it comes to celebrating inventiveness, we want to encourage all the bacon lovers out there to keep creating and coming up with new things.

Crystal Bacon

So, we were pleased as punch to stumble across this great bacon project: crystal bacon! Greg Kiesow of Chicago, IL is the mastermind behind this great bacon invention. He’s decided to hour his own love of bacon by creating lovely pieces out of acrylic crystal, what he calls his “sculptural tribute to the most delicious of all meats.” His creative partner is his five-year-old daughter, Brittany, and together they make all of the fantastic crystal bacon sculptures.

So, what can you do with a piece of crystal bacon? Kiesow makes a variety of bacon sculptures, everything from a simple piece of bacon on a huge aluminum base to a complex and lovely “bacon in a frying pan” sculpture, complete with beautifully carved wooden frying pan and flecks of bacon grease also made from crystal. If you’re looking for a more practical application, Kiesow makes a variety and lovely and tasteful bacon jewelry as well, including necklaces and earrings. What a lovely and subtle way to celebrate your love of bacon!

Kiesow developed his skills during his day job: he works as a model maker, designer and artists for a company that produces product prototypes for a variety of industries. Crystal bacon is his creative outlet, and also an artistic way to spend quality time with his daughter. While his employers generously allow him to use their equipment to makes his pieces of crystal bacon, the materials for this projects, especially the raw acrylic that the bacon is carved from, is expensive.

Support a Fellow Bacon Lover

So, to keep making crystal bacon and turn his creative family endeavour into a successful cottage industry, Kiesow has turned to the crowdfinding platform Kickstarter to raise money for his budding business. We encourage all of our readers to take a look at his project (which has already reached its funding goal!) and to contribute if they are so inspired. In edition to supporting the work of a fellow bacon lover, you’ll also soon be the owner of your very own piece of crystal bacon!