Bacon is one of those foods that seems to pair perfectly with just about everything. A delicious cupcake or sweet donut? Even better with some bacon! A fresh and tasty salad made of the very best seasonal veggies? Bacon goes great with that as well! Having a lovely roast chicken, Sunday dinner with the family? Wrap that chicken in bacon and it’ll be even more fantastic.

But there are are some foods that match so well with bacon that they deserve a special mention. And for today’s edition of Bacon Love Friday, we are going to highlight the culinary love affair between bacon and shrimp. I’ve adored seafood since I was a small child, and shrimp has always been my favourite. From crispy breaded and deep fried shrimp to lemony grilled shrimp, shrimp dipped in butter and shrimp as part of a seafood salad – whatever the form it came in, I was sure to love it. And wouldn’t you know, but shrimp happens to pair perfectly with another of my favourite foods of all time: bacon.

The subtle sweetness of the shrimp pairs perfectly with bacon’s saltiness, and the crunch of the bacon offsets the soft flesh of the shrimp beautifully. Here are some of my absolute favourite ways to pair bacon and shrimp, and I hope you try these as soon as you can!

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Bacon wrapped anything is always a good idea, and shrimp is just about the best thing you can choose to wrap in bacon ever. These tender little bites are an incredible appetizer, though you may find yourself ignoring the main course in favour of eating a few more! I like this recipe, which gets some heat from chipotle peppers and a kick from the lime.

Bacon and Shrimp Pad Thai

As a life long pad thai connoisseur, this recipe developed by out very own Chef Rob Bacon may be one of the most delicious things I have put in my mouth in recent memory. It is so easy too, you have to try it!

Shrimp & Bacon Sandwich

If you like BLTs you’re going to adore the BLAST: a bacon, lettuce, avocado, shrimp and tomato sandwich. When the shrimp are plump, the tomatoes in season and the bacon crispy, there in no better summer sandwich.

Bacon and Shrimp Salad

Some peppery arugula goes from just being a nice, light summer salad to something truly special with crumbled bits of bacon and shrimp sauteed in the bacon fat.

Shrimp-and-bacon-stuffed Potatoes

It turns out that bacon and shrimp also combine extremely well into a rich a savoury stuffing that makes baby potatoes anything but ordinary. An incredible appetizer for when you’re entertaining nad need to impress your guests.