There are few things more celebratory, for summer, and that is fair food. Whether it’s something deep-fried and covered in sugar or deep-fried and served on a stick, you know that it is going to be indulgent and delicious. Every year, I eat very virtuously for a few weeks just to prepare myself to throw it all away and spend a few days wandering around various fair grounds, interspersing rides on the Ferris wheel or bumper cars with trips to the concession stand for elephant ears, corn dogs or deep friend macaroni and cheese. And, of course, whenever one of those snack tents offer something with bacon, the results are even more exciting and delicious.



Bacon Comes to the CNE

One of the biggest fairs for the city dwellers of Toronto and the surrounding communities in the Canadian National Exhibition, which takes place on the huge exhibition grounds down by the city’ waterfront every single year. The fair has been running for 133 years now, and regularly attracts 1.3 million visitors. This year, the fair will run from August 17th to September 3rd and feature concerts, celebrity demonstration, and air show, lots of rides and entertainment…and, of course, the legendary CNE concession building, filled with some of the wildest culinary concoctions that Toronto’s food wizards can whip up!

Will Bacon Win This Year’s CNE Foodapalooza?

Every year, the food vendors at the CNE attempt to out-do each other with more more more ridiculous, rich and awe-inspiring food options. Last year everything from deep-fried butter to a burger whose bun was replaced by a pair of sugary donuts left fair-goers taste buds tantalized and bellies aching. This year, bacon joins the party in full force!

The Food Fare at the Toronto Star Food Building will have bacon in many different forms. Various booths will be offering dishes like hash browns will pulled pork, spicy pork tacos and even maple bacon baked potatoes. One concession stand in particular, going by the cheeky moniker Bacon Nation, will focus exclusively on serving bacon-oriented fare to hungry visitors. Their menu will include such delights as bacon parfaits and sundaes, bacon-wrapped deep-fried hot dogs, bacon and hazelnut spread sandwiches, and even bacon-flavoured popcorn. We can’t wait to place our order!

What about you, bacon lovers? What delicious bacon dishes are you most looking forward to trying at this year’s CNE?