We spend a lot of time here at the Republic of Bacon contemplating all the various aspects of bacon. We research, test and taste all kinds of wonderful bacon-based recipes. We keep a sharp eye out for any pop culture mentions of bacon. We strive to bring you the scoop on all the hottest bacon news, while also laving room for introspection, to make sure we fully appreciate this magical meat that has so captures out hearts and taste buds. It’s important to leave room to examine the more intellectual, even emotional sides of bacon, to make sure we are taking the time to sit back and smell what’s sizzling in the pan.

Because, at the end of the day, we’re here for the love. We’re hear because we think that bacon is just the bee’s knees, the sugar in our coffee, one of the tasty things that makes being a person worthwhile. Yes folks, the simple fact is that bacon makes us happy. It puts a spring in our step and a grin on our face. It gives us the energy to get through the day with its protein content, and keep us satisfied with its deliciousness. Bacon love is a pure and true love, and we bacon lovers need to take the time to celebrate it.

In the spirit of celebrating all the way bacon makes us happy, here are some of our favourite tributes to bacon.

Bacon is…Happiness

This amazing video shows people in a variety of stressful situations, all soothing their nerves and finding the strength to soldier on by consuming massive amounts of bacon.


The Joy Of Bacon

This user has created an entire Pinterest account, celebrating images and depictions of bacon. Some of these are so mouthwatering, it’s no wonder bacon makes us feel such joy.


Bacon Parties

There is no way to celebrate how much happiness bacon brings into our lives than bacon parties, and more and more of them are springing up all over the world each year – like New York City’s Bacon Bash, a shiny new annual event hat was held for the first time on June 23rd 2012 on luxury yacht.


How will you celebrate the joy bacon brings into your life today? How does bacon make you happy?