My mother is the queen of making tuna salad. There’s something about the love she puts into mixing whatever magical ingredients she throws into that salad, because it tastes way better than when I try my pathetic attempt at replicating it. One of her secret ingredients is dill! She’ll either use fresh dill, if she has it on hand, or a wonderful dill dressing that she makes. So because I was so spoiled, tuna salad sandwiches quickly became one of my favourite things to have for lunch. This is for my mommy! WITH BACON!


6 strips Maple Leaf Bacon

3 cans Tuna (Chunk, not flake!), one in oil

¼ cup Hellmann’s mayo

2 ribs Celery

½ Small red onion, diced

2 tbsp Dijon Mustard

½ Lemon, juiced

3 sprigs Dill, stems removed

Makes tuna for the week!


1. Cut up your bacon and throw it in a pan. Get this cooking so by the time you’re finished mixing and chopping, the bacon will be crispy!

2. Dice up your onion, chop up your celery and de-stem your dill. I removed the stalks just by passing my knife over the stems so that it would essentially peel the good stuff off.

3. Add your prepped veg and dill to your tuna. Try and use chunk tuna, not the pre-flaked stuff. IT tends to be better quality tuna. Also, I use one can of tuna in oil, and the rest in water. It just adds some extra flavour.

4. Add in your mayo, dijon, lemon juice and your bacon. It should be crispy by now. Did you forget about it on the stove? Did it burn? I didn’t think so. You’re a bacon master!

5. Throw that mixture on top of two slices of homemade bread (if you’re lucky enough to have some, like me) with some lettuce, and tomato if you’re so inclined. What a wonderfully delicious lunch!