Ah, Stratford, ON. Home of a world-renowned Shakespeare festival, fantastic restaurants and B&Bs, and some of the boldest swans in all of Canada. (Seriously, these swans are nuts. One tried to take an entire bagel right out of my hand and then hissed when I pulled away.) Stratford is a wonderful place to spend a weekend with a friend or partner, seeing some classical theatre, walking by the beautiful river, and patronizing one of the many fine pubs and restaurants that fill the small community. It makes for a truly wonderful little getaway, and is a great way to do something out of the ordinary in a picturesque and low-stress environment.

Stratford is home to a lot more that brilliant shows and quaint hotels, however. The bustling small town also has some wonderful tours and activities – even one specially designed for bacon lovers! So if you happen to have some time before taking in the evenings entertainment at one of the town’s many theatres, be sure to stop by the Stratford Tourism Alliance and get some information about the fantastic Bacon & Ale Trail!

Stratford, Home to Shakespeare…and Bacon!

Stratford also happens to host the Ontario Pork Congress, which has been thriving in the community for almost 40 years. The community also has a well-established local brewing industry. These two fantastic passions (and delicious tastes) have been combined into the Bacon & Ale trail, a self-guided tour that allows anyone who participates to sample some of the finest bacon dishes and ales that the community has to offer.

For $25, you will receive a pamphlet detailing all of the excellent venues that participate in the Bacon & Ale trail, as well as five passes. Each of these passes can be exchanged at any of the participating locations for a sample of that restaurant or retail store’s fines bacon and ale dish. Not only is this a fantastic way to survey Stratford’s broad culinary landscape more widely that you may have the opportunity to otherwise, but you get to eat lots and lots of delicious bacon to boot!

What You Will Find On The Bacon & Ale Trail

Some of the scrumptious options that await you on the Bacon & Ale trail are as follows:


  • A delectable country-style pork terrine, made with Mill Street Tankhouse ale and wrapped in smoked bacon, served with a side of sweet baked beans
  • Smoky beer barbeque sauce made with premium dark beer from a local brewery.
  • Authentic Irish pub style Loaded Baked Potato Soup that contains a healthy portion of double smoked bacon and comes served with a glass of organic lager.
  • Perfectly cooked and comforting bacon grilled cheese.

We can’t wait to go back to Stratford to try this bacon lover’s self-guided tour!