I can’t imagine that it is very surprising to hear that bacon is my favourite food. Oh, there is certainly some stiff competition for the number one edible place in my heart. I love cheese in all forms to a truly ridiculous degree, and my adoration of fettuccine Alfredo is well-documented. I really enjoy baking too, and whether it is a fresh loaf of bread or a still-steaming piece of home made pie, anything that comes out of my oven is always supremely satisfying and delicious. But when push comes to shove, and I need to name the food that I love above all others, it just has to be bacon. Smoky and salty and crispy, it’s the one thing that always tops my list, that I’ll never get sick of, that will always leave me craving more.

Therefore, I am extremely pleased but similarly not surprised that Great Britain recently voted bacon their favourite food. The Top 100 Food Index is one of the most comprehensive surveys of British tastes ever taken, and bacon positively topped the charts. In fact, one on ten British survey-takers indicated that bacon was their absolute favourite food.

Bacon Takes Top Honours

There was stiff competition, of course. Chocolate, one of the world’s great indulgences, and the delicious and versatile chicken wound up in the second and third spot. There were a few surprises on the list too: bananas were ranked ahead of apples, and those who took the survey noted that asparagus was their best loved vegetable. Personally I was shocked that ice cream appeared so low on the list: 27th!

Also interesting in this study was the fact that people indicated that their favourites were relatively static, especially in regards to bacon. Most people who voted for bacon as their top food also indicated that their tastes had been the same for ten years or more, meaning that they were long-term bacon fans.

Why Bacon Topped The Charts

There are many reasons for bacon taking top honours in they survey: bacon is affordable, making it an accessible choice for even Brits on a budget who want to eat a good meal. It is obviously delicious, and a versatile ingredient to cook with to boot. Also, it’s become a part of the British national identity – think of the revered bacon butty, for example, the simple bacon sandwich that is practically an English national dish.

I would love to see a similar survey conducted in Canada. We are well known for our love of bacon (it’s called Canadian bacon for a reason) and I am sure that this much-praised food would take a similar position of honour if Canadians were asked to rank their top tasty foods as well.