Ah, the bacon festival. Few events celebrate the diversity, creative and passion of bacon with quite as much pomp and panache as an official bacon festival. Each fest varies, depending on its size and the city that it takes place in. Some bacon festivals include bacon-oriented drama events or concerts; others involve contests for the best bacon dishes or wildest and most creative bacon products. But all bacon festivals, no matter how large or small, have one incredibly important thing in common: the food. There is no better opportunity to taste a wide variety of wonderful bacon dishes than at a bacon festival.

While there is a long and storied tradition of bacon festivals South of the border, at long last this grand tradition is beginning to take root in Canadian soil. That’s right Canuck bacon lovers: Toronto is getting it’s very own bacon festival. The Leslieville Farmer’s Market, which runs from June 3rd to October 28th this year, has decided to play host to the city’s inaugural celebration of all things bacon. The event is slated to take pace on August 19th. Prepare your taste buds and your tummies, it is sure to be an excellent ay of culinary adventure.

In honour of this momentous occasion, we are devoting this edition of Bacon Love Friday to some of the most exciting dishes we’re expecting to see at the Leslieville bacon festival.

Bacon Waffles

Provided by Waffle Bar, purveyors of wonderful Liege-style waffles. Especially for the bacon festival, they’ll be serving up some extra-special bacon waffles with melted cheese and topped with a farm-fresh egg. Is anyone else’s mouth watering?

Bacon Ice Cream

There’s a rumour that the sweet geniuses behind Ed’s Real Scoop homemade ice cream will be at the event, serving up some of their infamously delicious maple bacon ice cream. Sounds like the perfect summer treat to me!

The Burger’s Priest

These heavenly burgers have made a huge impact on the Toronto scene in the last year, and these classic American-style burgers often come topped with an absurd amount of bacon. Like many great burger places, they have a secret menu, and many of these off-list items come even more loaded with bacon than usual. We here that they’ll be serving up some of their amazing creations at bacon fest.

Our mouths are already watering. We’ll be attending bacon fest when it happens in Toronto, and will report back about all of the fantastic culinary creations that the celebration has to offer!