Bacon brings families together. There are few things tat feel more homey or make you feel more loved that waking up on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons when you are a little kid, and already your mom is up and cooking you and your siblings a big breakfast of bacon and eggs. The smell of bacon sizzling in a pan started the morning of some of my best childhood memories. Whether we were going to the beach or a theme park or just playing all day in the back yard, those weekend bacon breakfasts gave us the fuel we needed to get through the day and the delicious aroma made us want to get out of bed no matter how early it was.

While the crispy deliciousness is great for the whole family, not every member might be just ready to sample their first tasty rasher just yet. Since mixing bacon grease in formula or feeding bits of bacon along with cheerios isn’t generally recommended, babies are usually the only family members who can’t fully join in the happiness of a big bacon breakfast.

Luckily, there are other ways to signal that the youngest members of your family will grow up to be bacon lovers. On that note, here are some of our favourite bacon baby clothes!

Bacon Bodysuits

These one-piece, snap on garments are one of the easiest and most essential pieces of clothing for any baby, so why nor decorate them with bacon? We are particularly find of the one that proudly states your infant is a “bacontarian.”

Bacon Rainbow

Another onesie (this one called a creeper), the bacon rainbow is a cutesy image that in appropriate for a baby that also proudly shows the world that even your littlest family member is a bacon lover in training.

I Love Bacon Bib

If there is one item of clothing you need a billion of when you have a baby, it is a bib. Why not make sure those bibs make a pro-bacon statement?

Bacon Baby Hat

Keep your little one’s noggin warm with this sweet little hat that states: Peace, Love and Bacon.

Does your baby have any bacon apparel, especially something that you made yourself? We would love to see it!