Make no mistake, we’re still deep in the sweet, hot happiness of summer, that time of year that smells like coconut sunblock. There are still weeks and weeks of barbecues and bathing suits to look forward to. But I’ve noticed something in the last few days: that it’s getting a little bit cooler at night, raining a little bit more often, and smelling a bit crisp at the edges of all the humidity. It’s the barest hint of it, to be sure, but Fall is just starting to creep in around the very edges of summer.

As much as I adore the summer (I was born in July and have always relished being able to celebrate my birthday with an epic water balloon fight), Autumn might be my favourite season. Hoodies and sweaters, apples in season, falling leaves, perfectly chilly nights – there is so much to love about the Fall. But I think the thing that I love best of all is having parties that go late into the night around a fire pit, everyone snuggled in their warmest sweaters as we roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the open flame – and make s’smores.

Bacon S’mores: A Sweet Bacon Treat

S’mores are one of the most simple and delicious combinations of flavours in the known universe. The gooey toasted marshmallow, the silky melted chocolate, the crisp graham cracker – its a symphony of tastes and textures. While I would have thought that there was no was to improve on this most classic recipe, I recently stumbled on something completely life-changing: bacon s’mores.

This treat is seriously so delicious and perfect I am almost shocked that I didn’t come up with it myself during a crazy moment of experimentation. The bacon plays off the other ingredients perfectly: the crisp smokiness accents the toasted flavours of the marshmallow, the crunchiness is the perfect foil to the smooth chocolate, and the little bit of salt makes the simple graham cracker a life changing experience.

Methods To Make Bacon S’mores

There are a few variations to the recipe that I have found, each with its own special and delicious twist. The straightforward bacon s’more is definitely the right place to start, just to give you a proper introduction to how amazing this treat really is even in its simplest form. I really loved this recipe for bacon s’mores not just because the pictures are mouth-watering, but also because they managed to find graham crackers shaped like little pigs!

Once you’re ready to try some variations, you’ll definitely want to give bacon s’mores made with bourbon marshmallows a try, Bacon and bourbon have a long and friendly history with each other, and when this booze is in marshmallow form, magic is sure to happen. Making your own marshmallows might seem labour-intensive for a s’more, but trust me, it is so worth it.

Next, be sure to make these maple bacon s’mores. Rather than a large chunk of bacon, candied bacon bits and maple syrup are incorporated right into the marshmallow. This leads to a neater, but no less indulgent, s’more that will drive you wild.