Now I am the first to admit that there is nothing better that a crispy, perfectly cooked slice of bacon. That is, to my mind, culinary perfection. But here at the Republic of Bacon, we also want to celebrate diversity in bacon dishes and bacon uses. For example, there may be times when you don’t want the crispy texture of bacon to upset the smoothness of a dish, but still want the flavour. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for something that has just been kissed by the essence of bacon, rather than having the taste of bacon take front-and-centre as it is often wont to do. For moments like these, there is nothing quite like cooking with bacon fat.

Collecting and Storing Bacon Fat

While cooking with bacon fat may sound like something only housewives did in the 1950s, rest assured that there are lots of fantastic ways to use bacon fat in contemporary cooking. First, you must collect and store the bacon fat properly.

  1. Start by cooking some bacon. I know, such a chore. Now you have a whole bunch of cooked bacon to eat and cook with, too!
  2. Let the bacon grease cool until it has just started to thicken, which means it is safe to pour.
  3. Strain the bacon fat through a sieve lined with cheese cloth. This will keep out any stray bits of meat that will cause the fat to go rancid too soon.
  4. Store the bacon fat in a glass jar covered with plastic wrap. You can keep it in the fridge for a few weeks, or longer int he freezer.

Bacon Fat Recipes

Now that you have some fat stored away, here are some great ways to put that bacony goodness to good use!

Bacon Fat Spice Cookies

The fat gives these cookies a rich, deep flavour that pairs well with the complex spices and subtle sweetness. A very grown-up kind of cookie!

Popcorn with Bacon Fat and Maple Syrup

Come on, you can’t tell us you’ve never dreamed of drizzling bacon grease on popcorn instead of butter.

Green Beans and Bacon Grease

You’ll have no trouble at all eating your vegetables when they come coated in the sweet essence of bacon!