If you are a reader of The Republic of Bacon, it is safe to say that you are a bacon fan. Not only are you merely fond of the perfect food that is bacon, but you are interested enough in the subject to regularly read up on it and seek updates on the state of bacon in the world. That takes dedication, devotion, and love. As such, it is perfectly fair to say that our readers are hardcore bacon fans. Bacon lovers. True bacon aficionados.

Of course, the Republic of Bacon is not the only place on the internet where bacon fans can gather to share and discuss there affection for this much-loved pork product. There are a whole host of places online where dedicated fans can share recipes, have conversations, answer quizzes – all about bacon. So for this edition of Bacon Love Friday, we thought we would take a look inside some of the internet’s bacon fan clubs.


Fanpop is a whole group of sites where people can share images, videos, and answer poll questions about any number of their favourite topics – and of course, there is one devoted entirely to bacon.We particularly like the section where visitors can ask a bacon-related question to be answered by other bacon fans!

Bacon Explosion Fan Page

If there is a particular dish worthy of your devotion, it has to be the bacon explosion. So, it is no wonder that there is a while fanpage dedicated just to celebrating the bacon explosion. This mighty meat log has brought wonder and joy into the lives of many bacon lovers, so it is no wnader if has generated such an enthusiastic following

The Pig Next Door Bacon Club

This club definitely has the best membership benefits: for paying the membership fee, you will be sent a different delicious, artisanal bacon each month. What a perfect gift for the bacon lover in your life!

Bacon Fan

This site collects bacon-related eBay items, comedy videos, and, perhaps most importantly, lots of delicious bacon recipes shared by the members. Definitely one to check out!

The Royal Bacon Society

Updates in bacon pop culture, products and events, this fan page is a great place for the discerning bacon lover to visit. By becoming a Bacon Ambassador, you have the opportunity to get top-secret bacon information and win cook bacons tuff to boot!