Bacon has a fairly rough-and-tumble image, generally speaking. Being associated with things like grilling meat over a barbecue and filling brunches designed to give you energy for a busy day’s activities, bacon doesn’t often come across as a delicate thing. Part of this is the flavour of bacon instead: deep, smoky, meaty and robust, something that asserts itself strongly in every dish that it is a part of. But some of this also comes from the applications of bacon. Bacon has a reputation for being both intense and extreme, and many bacon products celebrate this, each vying to have the most bacon or most intense bacon flavour of all.

But sometimes, even bacon has to get in touch with it’s softer, gentler side. While mostly we think of bacon as a way to make everything, from food to ordinary products, more extreme, sometimes bacon like to dabble in something a bit more ladylike. So today, we at the Republic of Bacon thought we would take a look at some bacon beauty products.

Bacon Lip Balm

This was of course created by the good folks at J&D’s, and in addition to having a great bacon flavour that will keep you smacking your lips all day, it is also a soothing and moisturizing balm that keeps lips in great condition. The only thing that would make this product better would be if they came out with a tinted option, to add a pretty bit of colour to your lips as well.

Bacon Skin Cream

I have sensitive skin, and so part of my essential daily routine is a healthy dose of moisturizer to keep everything smooth and soft. And what better way for the bacon lover to take care of their skin than with a generous application of Maple Smoked Bacon Skin Cream by Long Winter Farm? Stay smooth and smell delicious all at once.

Bacon Perfume

Speaking of smelling good: if you really want to get the object of your affection drooling, then there is no better way than donning Bac?n perfume. This irresistible spritz comes in two scents: classic, which is a bit more citrusy and fresh, and gold, which has peppery undertones. Oh, and it smells like bacon, too.

Bacon Nails

To finish of your bacon beauty regimen, get some custom, bacon-inspired nail art to complete the look. If you’re a nail-biter, this look could make your nails even more tempting than usual!