It’s been a crazy week in the world of bacon. Sometimes, things just hum along with a few interesting bits of bacon trivia popping up into the Republic of Bacon radar but nothing too serious. There will be a fancy new bacon burger at a local restaurant and perhaps some stylish new bacon socks to try on, but nothing too crazy. Then, there are weeks like this week, where everything just seems to go bonkers. Weeks that make bacon-lovers like me rub their hands together in glee, because bacon is making headlines and that is always a good thing.

So, for this edition of Bacon Love Friday, here are some of the best bacon news stories from around the world this week!

Bacon and Honey Captures a Bear

When a rather adventurous bear decided to leave it’s usual habitat and start wandering neighbourhoods of downtown Los Angeles, local authorities needed to act fast. So they put out some bait the bear simply could not resist: bacon and honey. The bait proved extremely effective, and after eating his fill the snoozing bear was transported to a wildlife sanctuary in San Diego county.

Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll

I know, I am drooling too. Just the words fried bacon cinnamon roll is enough to put me in a food coma. This absolute wonder of the culinary world is currently a contender for the Big Tex Choice Awards in the fried food category at the State Fair of Texas.

The Bloody Best

Now that is what I call a bloody mary! “The Bloody Best” bloody mary is a new “drink” being served at the Nook in Atlanta, and it is not messing around. This interpretation of the well-respected hangover cure not only has hard boiled eggs, tater tots, blue-cheese stuffed olives and even some steak, it also comes with a generous serving of bacon.

Funnel Cake Heaven

Just when you thought fair food couldn’t get any more ridiculous, the PNE is Vancouver serves up maple bacon funnel cakes. I’m not sure if this is a terrible idea or if I want three of them.