In a lot of ways I am an old-school bacon lover. As much as I get excited over a new bacon novelty, like a bacon brownie or a bacon cocktail, when it comes to the dishes that I return to over and over again it’s always the old classics. My favourite bacon salad is still unquestionably the classic Caesar salad; there is nothing more delicious in the realm of the bacon sandwich than a classic BLT; bacon cheeseburgers are the best thing on the planet; and there is no more perfect breakfast in all the land than the classic bacon and eggs.

When I was a tiny child, really just a toddler, the very first thing I learned to order for myself was a bacon and egg breakfast. By the time I knew only a few hundred words, I could tell a server I wanted eggs over easy, crispy bacon, brown toast and hash browns. While there are lots of great brunch dishes to choose from, and I often dally with french toast or waffles, in the end I always come back to my favourite bacon and eggs breakfast.

And so, for this edition of Bacon Love Friday, I thought we’d take a look at some of the best bacon and egg breakfasts I have ever had.

Maria’s Breakfast Special

This little greasy spoon diner was the very first place I ever ordered a bacon and eggs breakfast myself. My family would go here at least a couple of times a week when I was growing up, and this is till the quintessential breakfast place for me.

Ferrary’s 24/7 Breakfast

Located near the University of Windsor where I earned my undergrad, this place defined local for me. Because it was open 24 hours a day, their bacon and egg breakfast was equally perfect late at night or early in the morning.

The Galaxie Diner

This tiny but mighty restaurant was my place of choice when I lived in Calgary, and somehow I never seemed to go with less that a party of six (and sometimes even more). While the small space meant that it could take ages to be seated, the bacon and eggs just couldn’t be beat.

Nellie’s Break the Fast Cafe

This wondrous little restaurant was right around the corner from my old apartment, and during the final stretch when I was finishing my Master’s thesis, I’d often get their bacon and egg breakfast very early in the morning to give me the energy to work.

Beachside Grill

These days I live in Toronto, and my local bacon and egg source is this quaint little place in the Beaches. The dishes are simple and straightforward and absolutely perfect. I feel like I’ve come full circle this place, right back to a small-town greasy spoon.