Some of the most delicious and most popular recipes we have ever featured on the Republic of Bacon have been those that feature foods wrapped in bacon. It is no small wonder that bacon-wrapped recipes tend to garner so much attention: they are also some of the tastiest creations out there. Wrapping food in bacon keeps meat moist and tender, ads a delicious salty crunch to the outside of food, and makes for a stunning presentation. From scallops to asparagus to filet mignon, bacon-wrapped dishes are sure to be delicious.

But what about the opposite side of the recipe coin? What about all the delicious foods that are stuffed with bacon instead of wrapped in it? We decided it was high time for these luscious, bacon-filled recipes to get more attention on this site, and so for Bacon Love Friday, here are some of the best bacon-stuffed recipes we could find.

Bacon-Stuffed Burgers

Bacon and burgers go together as well as peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese and cucumbers: it’s one of those magical food combinations that is just perfectly right. But instead of just laying a strip of bacon or three on top of a patty, why not stuff your burgers with bacon? Crispy bacon and Monterey jack cheese are combined for a melty, delicious bacon experience with every bite.

Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the blank slates of the food world: somewhat bland on their own, they absorb flavours beautifully. The bacon, onion, pepper and cream cheese makes a wonderfully creamy but complex filling, and the breadcrumbs add a necessary bit of crunch!

Bacon-Stuffed Waffles

Stuffing things with bacon isn’t only for dinner! These delectable, fluffy waffles get a hit of sweetness from the brown sugar that the bacon sets of with its natural saltiness. This is sure to be a brunch favourite in no time!

Bacon-Stuffed Pork Chops

For the hardcore pork love in your life, you just can’t go wrong with these pork chops. The bacon and cornbread stuffing is totally divine, especially with a hint of cheddar!

Bacon Stuffed Avocados

This dish is less about cooking than it is combining, and while it seems deceptively simple, the results are totally delicious. The rich creaminess of the avocado pairs so well with the bacon, and the sweet-and-savoury sauce? Absolutely addictive.