When you think about romance, most likely the first season that springs to mind is, well, Spring. It is easy to see why: after a long cold winter, all the flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are singing, and new life and freshness is everywhere. The sunshine and warmer days put everyone is a good mood. Seems like the perfect time for romance! But with everyone so fixated on Spring as the time for love, I feel that Fall sometimes gets neglected – and personally, it is my favourite time to get close to someone. The changing colours make for beautiful walks through the park, seasonal menus are extra delectable and just begging for dates, and the cooler temperatures are made for snuggling. That sounds pretty darn romantic to me!

So, in the spirit of Autumn romances, we thought we would but together a list of bacon-inspired fall activities that you can do with your sweetie!

Cook A Meal Together

When the air is crisp and cool outside, spending time in front of a warm stove making comfort food can be a great thing to do with your partner. This great soup with sweet potato, rutabaga and bacon is wonderfully rich and hearty, perfect for a cool day. For something more sophisticated and fancy, this dandelion salad with bacon and poached egg is absolutely stunning.

Sample Some Smoked Beers

The deep, complex, positively bacony smells and tastes of smoked beers make them perfect accompaniments to fall foods. You are your beloved can spend a wonderful afternoon at the pub sampling your favourite, and maybe snacking on some bacon as an accompaniment as well!

Take a Long Walk

Enjoy the natural beauty of the season by going to your local park or a nearby nature preserve and just spending some time outside with your sweetie. Fall is a time if transformation, and often it is over in the blink of an eye, so enjoy the outdoors while it is still super beautiful. Also, on chillier days be sure to warm up after your walk with mugs of bacon-infused hot chocolate.

Fall is a wonderful, romantic season, especially when you have someone lovely to share it with. Enjoy the Autumn with your sweetie, and bacon!