Depending on the season, we all eat differently. Every spring, I suddenly find myself craving all the lovey fresh vegetables that the season has to offer. In the summer, my taste buds develop a love for everything light and refreshing, like lots of fruits and salads, and of course the ubiquitous summer barbeque. And when a slight chill returns to the air and autumn is upon us again, the only thing that really satisfies me is comfort food.

When you think about it, bacon really is an ideal comfort food. The crunchy texture is satisfying, the salts and fats give us the indulgent feeling we crave, and the smoky flavour makes it feel like we’re doing something nice for ourselves just be eating it. So today, since it happens to be raining and the idea of staying inside and puttering around the kitchen sounds totally delightful, here are a few of my favourite bacon comfort food recipes.

Bacon and Zucchini Quiche

Don’t let the idea of a quiche fool you into thinking this is a light and airy meal. The buttery crust is rich and substantial, the bacon gives the dish real depth, and the gruyere cheese really puts it over the top. Also, just a bot of creme fraiche and thyme makes this dish surprisingly sophisticated while still being pure comfort food heaven.

Fettuccine Alfredo with Bacon

Fettuccine Alfredo is such and incredibly simple dish, with al dente noodles covered in a creamy sauce and a hint of parmesan, but this bit of richness has always represented pure comfort to me. Add some bacon and you have something pretty close to perfect.


I am proud of my Russian heritage, if only because it taught me an appreciation for the culinary achievement that is the humble perogy. This little Eastern European dumpling, usually stuffed with potatoes and cheese, is comfort food heaven. Fried and topped with caramelized onions and a healthy dose of bacon, then finished with a dollop of sour cream? I doesn’t get any better.