If there are two things that the Internet loves, it is cats, and bacon. Cat pictures are one of the most popular image searches online, and a truly unbelievably number of impossibly adorable images of felines are accessible in nanoseconds. With the proliferations of popular memes, like LolCats, cat pictures for a shockingly large part of the internet real estate. Bacon is the culinary equivalent to this animal obsession, as bacon recipes, images and projects regularly rank ridiculously high on online searches as well. Not often enough, in our humble opinion, are these two Internet powerhouses combined. While the love between bacon and dogs is well-documented, we thought it was high time to look at the affection between bacon and cats.

Bacon and Cats, the Flickr Gallery

Curated by cat fancier and bacon aficionado Kevin Collins, this gallery presents a fantastic collection of images of cats displaying their love for bacon. All of these cats look positively fixated on the bacon in their vicinity, intrigued by the possibility of a tasty bacon snack. The crafty kitties trying to sneak pieces of bacon while their owner’s backs are supposedly turned are my favourites.


This is an app specifically created for people whose Facebook feeds are awash in pictures of babies. This is definitely something I have experienced; as most of my high school friends have found spouses and are having kids. This can be a little overwhelming for those of us not in that place yet. So for those of us who want to make Facebook a little less about babies and a little more about awesome, this app will replace all the pics of infants with images of bacon and cats.

Bacon-Scented Kitty Litter?!

This was a fantastic April Fool’s joke dreamed up by the bacon-friendly cat lovers at the Fresh Step cat litter company. Fresh Step pride themselves on making litter that gets rid if odours, so producing some bacon-scented littler to freshen the air as well doesn’t sound like something too far out of the realm of reality. Am I the only crazy person who would actually buy this?

Make Your Own Bacon Cat Treats

While there are many many varieties of bacon-flavoured cat treats for dogs, there are sadly not very many for kitties. This is a travesty, especially considering how much my own cats adore little pieces of bacon. Luckily, you can make your own treats with bacon fat to tempt your cat’s taste buds.