This week, bacon lovers around the world were shocked by one of the most frightening pieces of bacon news to hit the airwaves in a long, long time: we are approaching a global crisis, and international bacon shortage that will affect people the world over. It might not be quite the bacon-pocalypse that many have long feared, but it is it’s own for of porkageddon, and worldwide crisis the likes of which bacon lovers have never had to face before.

The Details

This crucial news comes out of Britain, whose National Pig Organization (which oversees pork farming) has announced that a combination of factors has conspired to make a world-wide bacon shortage unavoidable. Each year, fewer and fewer hog farmers have been operating in the Unites States, as the cost and difficulty of the work causes more and more farmers to close up shop. And now, it seems that pork feed prices in Britain and all across the European Union are set to skyrocket. As a result, many farmers are choosing to sell their herds rather than continue to operate in a situation where production will cost more than it is worth. This has caused the value of pigs to drop as well, so that those who choose to remain in operation will be losing even more money. The whole thing has conspired to create both a shortage of pork looming on the horizon, and to make what little bacon does make it to market very, very expensive.

What This Means

So it seems a combination of declining pig populations and rising costs of feed has conspired to create a global crisis. It was all of the farmers who have been dealing with the situation for months now, but finally this crisis is going to be passed on to consumers. Pork prices may double, and products like bacon may be very hard to find. Oh the horror!

Even in Canada?

Luckily, it seems that the Canadian market will be hit far less hard than many others. While pig populations across North America are in decline, the Canadian Pork Council reports that all of Canada’s largest herds, especially those in Saskatchewan, are still faring well. While Canada will still see a rise in pork prices due to fluctuations in the global market, we likely won’t be hit by the same shortages that will impact the rest of the world. Canada: a great place to survive the zombie apocalypse as well as the porkpocalypse!

Surviving the Bacon Shortage

So what can bacon lovers do in the mean time to face the coming lean times? First, it might not hurt to stock up a bit right now, especially if you have a large chest freezer. However, keep in mind that bacon only lasts a month or two frozen, because of the high fat content which makes it harder to keep well.

The other thing to remember is: even if bacon is available sporadically and is more expensive, buy it when it does become available. Purchasing bacon during this time of crisis will put money back into the industry, help this crisis pass more quickly, and soon the market will be back to normal with cheap and plentiful bacon available for all.