I was never a picky eater as a kid. I’d always eat whatever was put in front of me, from macaroni and cheese to barbequed octopus. I’d always order crazy things off the menu, and my parents learned to let me because I always cleaned my plate. My little brother, on the other hand, was a very different story. He was a very picky eater, selecting only foods that had very specific textures and often leaving his plate mostly empty. For most of a year I think he lived off of broccoli with cheese and chicken fingers.

While some kids are easier than others, cooking for children can be a challenge. Pickiness aside, their palate are very different from that of adults, tending to like blander food with bigger, simpler flavours. But cooking for kids doesn’t have to be a chore, and also doesn’t mean you have to make grilled cheese or fish sticks every single night until they’re old enough for college. Because if there’s one thing almost everyone loves, it is bacon, and including a little of this ingredient in a dish is sure to tempt even the pickiest kid.

In honour of all of the hardworking parents trying to keep their picky eaters well fed, here are some bacon recipes your children are sure to love!

Cheese and Bacon Rolls

A variation on popular pizza rolls, these cheese and bacon rolls are a great after school snack. While they’re baking in the oven, the delicious smells are sure to get your kids’ bellies rumbling, making them more likely to polish these off.

Broccoli and Bacon Pasta

The battle to get picky eaters to eat their greens is an ongoing mission. This cheesy pasta bake is so delicious, your kids might not even notice the yummy bits of green broccoli they’re munching with the noodles and bacon.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken

Forget the kids – I want to make this dish for myself! The spice here is not too hot for delicate little mouths, but just enough for a pleasant tingle. The sweetness comes from brown sugar, which caramelizes beautifully as the chicken cooks. And the fact that each chicken tender is wrapped in bacon? A clean winner!