So I’m on a bit of a kale kick. I went down to the local farmer’s market this weekend and was able to grab some ridiculously wonderful vegetables. I picked up some little cherry tomatoes that I’ve been eating like candy. The lot only lasted me a couple days, they were seriously dangerous. But this bunch of kale that I bought was one of the healthiest looking vegetables I’ve ever seen. Super hearty, super strong, all organic, and just chocked full of all things good. So here’s round two of the bacon-kale extravaganza. I’ve been hooked on kale chips because they just baffle my mind. When you dehydrate them in the oven, they literally become crispy like little green chips. And they taste AMAZING! Throw some bacon on there and you’ve got yourself a super healthy snack!


4 leaves Kale

4 strips Bacon

Pinch of Salt? … yep, that’s it!


1. Chop up your bacon into roughly 1” pieces and fry it up nice and good. Reserve the rendered fat and bacon pieces separately. (See my fancy new Wusthof knives? Aren’t they sexy?)

2. Remove the stem from your kale, rip it up into bite size pieces and arrange it on a baking sheet. Spoon over a little bit of your rendered fat and toss it all around.

3. Baking: Now there are two ways to do this, you can do the quick and dirty method, or the slow and steady method. The latter tends to work better, but the former is done in roughly half the time, so the choice is yours. Bake these for either 20min at 275F or 10min at 350F. You be the boss of your kale.

4. Once crispy, pile up those lovely chips on a plate, sprinkle on a pinch of salt and top with the bacon that you set aside. Boom, best… kale chips… ever!