We live in trying times, fellow bacon lovers. Recently, word reached the Republic of Bacon that a world-wide bacon shortage was looming on the horizon. This alone would be enough to set the sturdiest bacon fan quaking in their boots. However, if ever there is a dedicated fan base in the world, it is the bacon fans all over this beautiful planet. No matter what the lean times happen to bring, we show that we will survive it not only intact and stronger than ever.

However, much to our dismay, it seems as though the fallout from this potential bacon shortage has already begun to send ripples throughout the bacon community. Already, we are starting to feel the pinch from the coming lean times. The first bacon-loving community to tighten their belts in anticipation of the coming bacon drought were none other than a group who are usually defined by their indulgence rather than their restraint: Major League Eating (MLE).

Immediate Ban on All Bacon Eating Contests

In the wake of the announcements about the coming bacon shortages, Major League Eating immediately declared a ban on all bacon-based eating contests. Founded by the Shea Brothers, Major League Eating is the Olympics of the pro-eating circuit. They put on over 80 events every single year, including the famous (or infamous) Coney Island hot-dog eating contest.

Once news of the impending bacon shortage reached the MLE, the organization immediately issues a statement, saying that the eating of bacon would be banned indefinitely from their events (as long as the shortage was an issue). They also stated that they will be encouraging the professional eaters that they work with to cut back on eating bacon while training or in their personal lives.

Cutting Back on Bacon – Will It Help?

Will cutting bacon on bacon-eating contests have much of an impact during the shortage? Chairman of the MLE George Shea certainly thinks so. In a statement, George explained that, for example, competitor Joey Chestnut (who has ranked #1 in the world at the Coney Island hot-dog eating contest for 6 years in a row now) could eat as much as 20 pounds of bacon in ten minutes of competition.

Shea assured bacon lovers all over the world, including his competitive eaters, that this move is only in effect until the back shortage ends. “This is a pro-bacon move. We want to see bacon for the long haul.”