This coming weekend in Thanksgiving in the Northern realm of Canada, dear bacon lovers, and all over this fair country friends and families are preparing for a feast of epic proportions. Cinnamon and nutmeg-scented pumpkin pies will be cooling on window ledges, turkeys will be stuffed and trussed, and unbelievably good smells will be issuing from kitchens from Vancouver to St. John’s. It’s a wonderful time of year, when good food and togetherness and celebrated with gratitude.

And since Thanksgiving is all about celebrating some of the finest foods in the world, or at least those in season in the Autumn, this is also a time to celebrate bacon. There are many wonderful opportunities to integrate bacon into your Thanksgiving meal, from the appetizers to desserts. Here are some of our favourite Thanksgiving-themed bacon dishes – be sure to try some this weekend!

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

You knew it was coming. Not only is this presentation absolutely beautiful, but the bacon adds additional fat and moisture to the most delicate white breast meat of the turkey, ensuring that it stays moist and flavourful during the long cooking process. This will make a truly stunning centrepiece.

Bacon Turkey Gravy

Homemade gravy is one of the most delicious substances on the planet earth, and this bacon turkey gravy is among the best I have ever tried. Turkey drippings and bacon fat combine to make a gravy that can be used to bribe people to do dishes like never before. Be careful when seasoning: the bacon fat will add more salt than you expect.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Garlic and Shallots

Even picky eaters who balk at greens will be enchanted with this dish. The bacon and brusells sprouts are a surprisingly well-matched set of flavours. The aromas that come from your oven while it is cooking are completely out of this world too!

Sweet Potato, Bacon and Apple Hash

Sweet, savoury and celebrating everything that is wonderful about the fall, this has makes a stunning side dish. Not only does it taste great, but the colours are really quite stunning on the plate as well.

Bacon Pumpkin Pie

Just imagine it for a second. Bacon. Pumpkin. Pie. Serve this with a dollop of cinnamon whipped cream and your Thanksgiving dinner will become the stuff of legend.