If there was ever a dish that represented wealth, richness, and indulgence, it would be lobster. Whenever a particularly important celebration is taking place, I know exactly what I am going to order: the biggest lobster tail I can find, all that sweet and tender flesh just waiting to be dipped in butter. If you really want to impress me (and most classy ladies) when you’re taking them out on a fancy date, encourage them to order the lobster. Though lobsters themselves may be funny looking creatures, and keeping and preparing them can be tricky, there is nothing quite to stunning or special than a great lobster dinner.

And what could possibly go better with lovely, buttery lobster than, of course, bacon? In many ways, bacon and lobster were meant for each other. The crunchiness of the bacon offsets the soft, flaky lobster meat perfectly, and the saltiness of the bacon is the ideal complement to lobster’s natural sweetness. On honour of this match made in heaven, here are some of my favourite ways to combine lobster and bacon.

Bacon Wrapped Lobster Chunks

Anything wrapped in bacon is going to be wonderful, but these succulent chunks of lobster take it to a whole other level. This is kind of like bacon wrapped scallops, only even sweeter and taken to a whole new level of indulgence.

Lobster, Corn and Bacon Chowder

I am a big fan of seafood chowders that include bacon, and this dish is a particularly fine example. The broth is incredibly complex and flavourful, with just enough richness without being cloying. The corn is both sweet and fresh, and the bacon adds a whole bunch of depth. A great winter dish.

Lobster Salad BLT

There is something so pure, so simple and good about the classic BLT that adding lobster to this dish seems at one a little like sacrilege and also like the best idea I have ever heard. The sweet creaminess of the lobster salad and the crunch of the bacon is a revelation.