Here at the Republic of Bacon, we respect our ingredients. We let them do what they do best. If they taste great all on their own, then we’ll let them taste great all on their own. If they taste great with a lot of seasonings, we’ll do that, too. Everything tastes good with bacon, so we always add it. It’s a pretty simple mandate. So today, I’m going to let an ingredient speak for itself. I’m not even going to add the bacon, just the fat to get some gorgeous caramelization. The sweet potato. And we’re going to make Sweet Potato Chips.

Oh, and eat the bacon after you render the fat. It’s delicious, too, if you didn’t know….


3 strips Maple Leaf Bacon

2 Sweet Potoatoes, thinly sliced

1 pinch Salt

Any other seasonings you love with your sweet potatoes (nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper…)


1. Grab your sweet potato and slice it up into rounds as thin as you can. I recommend using a mandolin or a food processor with the slicer attachment unless you’ve got sweet knife skills like I do.

2. Chop up your bacon roughly and throw it in a pan to render. Get allllll that sweet, sweet rendered goodness out of there so we can toss it with our sweet potatoes.

3. Drizzle that lovely bacon fat all over those sweet potatoes (or toss everything together in a bowl to get a nice coat going) and arrange your potato slices on a baking sheet in one layer. You might need to use two sheets for two potatoes, but they cook quickly, so don’t worry. Whack those in a 400F oven for 10-15 minutes, depending on how thick you sliced your potato. Once the edges go a nice golden brown, they’re done! Keep a close eye on them because they’ll burn quickly

5. Once they’re crispy, toss with a little bit of salt, your favourite seasonings and even some of that chopped up crispy bacon that’s lying around – if you didn’t eat it all, yet! (Yes, I ate all of mine).