Bacon lovers all around the world have each developed different ways to demonstrate and celebrate their love of bacon. Some are chefs, preparing wonderful meals for their friends and families to celebrate their bacon love. Some are much better at eating than cooking, and make it their duty to seek out the best bacon dishes at restaurants in their cities. Some bacon fans, however, prefer to show their love by indulging in their competitive side.

Bacon lovers around the world have set several incredible world records when to comes to making dishes featuring bacon, eating bacon, and other bacon related activities. Here are some of the most stunning bacon world records still standing

  • Matthew Willer of St. Louis, Missouri and his team of bacon aficionados currently hold the world record for largest bacon explosion. This monumental tribute to bacon weighed an astounding 54.43 kilograms, or 120 pounds. I weighed less than that in high school!
  • On the opposite side of the spectrum, the world’s smallest bacon explosion was made by Josh Bollinger out of only a single ordinary strip of bacon. How dainty!
  • Peter Czerwinski of Mississauga, Ontario hold the records for drinking a bacon shake the fastest: 47.72 seconds. This records gets even more astounding when you consider that the bacon shake filled an entire blender and contained five whole pounds of bacon!
  • Clint Cantwell of Garden City, New York holds an unusual record: he made an edible pig out of the most pork products, including hot dogs, vienna sausages, pork rinds, and of course bacon!
  • Mark Lye a/k/a “The Human Vacuum” holds the world record for bacon eating. The world-class competitive eater ate 54 slices of bacon in five minutes.
  • The world’s largest bacon cheese burger was created in Carelton, Minnesota, weighted 914 kilograms and was toped with 27 kilograms of bacon! It was also over 10 feet in diameter and a crane was needed to flip it.

Do you know of (or happen to hold) another bacon world record? We would love to hear from you! We’ll add your name and bacon record to our list.