I have an inner housewife. As much as the vast majority of my personality could belong to a 12-year-old boy who loves video games and sleeping in, a good chunk of my mind seems to occupied by a middle-aged woman from the old country. This part of me loves to get up early on the weekend and spend the whole day cleaning the house in a headscarf while singing show tunes. When this happens, my partner usually thinks I am possessed. However, one of the better side effects of having an inner housewife is that every now and again she is inspired to make a Sunday roast – which we all appreciate when we start scavenging for Tuesday leftovers!

And because this is me we are talking about, whenever I decide that I’m in the mood to make an epic roast dinner of some kind, I look for someway to incorporate bacon into the proceedings. Here are some of the best ways to jazz up your Sunday roast with everyone’s favourite pork product.

Bacon Herb Tenderloin Roast

Usually, my beef tenderloins ends up on the grill, wrapped in a piece of bacon and on their way to becoming medium rare. However, when it’s too cold outside to barbecue, there’s no reason you can’t make a tenderloin roast. Just as with the steak, wrapping the beef in bacon keeps the lean and delicate meat from drying out, and the richness of the bacon fat makes the tenderloin even more buttering in texture.

Bacon Roast Pork Tenderloin

Does the idea of a double pork roast sound great? Then this is the recipe for you. While the pork tenderloin is quite lean and the flavour delicate, the bacon is both fatty and much more robust. The perfect pair!

Roast Chicken with Bacon Sage Stuffing

There is something about roasting a chicken for dinner that my inner 50s housewife finds particularly satisfying. Sage is a natural paring for both pork and chicken, and this combination of flavours is absolutely amazing. Not to mention, your house will be filled with the most incredible smells!

Roast Lamb with Bacon Stuffing

Lamb is a slightly gamy, complex meat, one that can support very strong and robust flavours. A stuffing with bacon is therefore a great choice, because the smokiness can stand up to the lamb, and also keep the lean meat from drying out in the cooking process.