So you’re trying to think what looks artistic, yet filling. What can I make that impresses my guest(s)..and makes me look like a champ. Well fear not this very question burned a hole in my brain for quite some time. Then I realized I had lettuce, bacon..and I am a chef. Now anyone can make this but not to toot my own horn. This dish is simply brilliance…AHEM. This recipe will command respect, admiration…and ultimately a satisfaction from within (stomach including!!)


• 1 boneless skinless chicken breast

• 2 strips of bacon(roughly chopped)

• Lettuce

• French baguette

• Mayo

• Parm cheese

• Paprika

• Salt

• Pepper

• Montreal chicken spice


1. Cube chicken breasts and slice the bacon being careful to sample only for quality control (yes quality control is key ….it makes us look like serious chefs!:)

2. Cook together until browned. Making sure to savour the delicious spice

3. Combine mayo, paprika and parm cheese into a sauce mix of epic proportions being careful to sample for quality issues…wow this sampling is tough but someone has to do it!

4. Mix bacon and chicken with mayo mixture being careful to sample and relish in the amazing combination

5. Toast some baguettes until grill marks are present showing both crispiness, thoroughly grilled, and absolutely steadfast readiness for being part of the meal ahead

6. Top baguette with chicken salad mixture. NO control issues now just power on to the finish line folks this is where we will enjoy it best with our selves or guests

7. Top with lettuce and watch as their smiles erupt from the sheer joy. Let’s face it at this point people will speak your name for the sheer joy this meal has caused in the day to day routines of anyone’s life.