When I first moved back to the big city, I quickly fell into the habit of going out with my friends for bunch a lot. Almost every weekend we would pick a new exciting location or one of our favourite spots and spend a lazy late morning drinking coffee and chatting. I loved spending time with my friends, but the habit quickly got expensive, and when some of us changed job situations we had to look for something new. We ended up coming up with an even better standing plan: having each other over for brunch! Each week, one of us takes a turn hosting. And as you can imagine, most of the brunches that take place at my house are bacon-themed.

While I always make sure to cook something bacony and delicious, like a gruyere and bacon frittata or sweet little bacon and egg cups, on of the things I find most fun about these brunches is decorating for them. Here are a few of the things I do to my kitchen to make the place feel more celebratory, not to mention up the bacon quotient!

Bacon Napkins

I love arranging cute little bacon-themed place settings, and that means bacon napkins. Once, for brunch I put together a build-your-own breakfast sandwich bar, and used these amazing little napkins with the same pattern. Other mornings, a simpler bacon-patterned napkin can be more refined.

Bacon Scented Candles

Some people prefer to fill their homes with the soothing scene of lavender when guests come over. Other prefer the comforting spiciness of cinnamon or pumpkin spice. I prefer to make everything smell like bacon (of course) so you’ll probably find me lighting a bacon candle for fragrance and atmosphere!

Bacon Flowers

Usually I put a few cut flowers in a vase on the table for brunch guests, to keep things pretty and fresh. Who doesn’t like to get flowers, after all? But once or twice, for a very special occasion, I have taken the time to decorate my table with bacon flowers. They are always a show-stopper!