Ah, Poutine. Could there be a dish more hearty, more indulgent, more stalwartly Canadian? The golden french fries, each cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of fluffiness inside to offset the wonderful crunch. The rich, creamy gravy, warm and enveloping, whose heat melts the cheese just slightly. And of course the cheese curds, so fresh and pure they squeak between your teeth when you bite into them. Truly, poutine is one of those genuinely perfect foods, a pinnacle of human culinary achievement, and I for one couldn’t be more proud that it originated North of the border.

As you might have expected, as one of the world’s great dishes, poutine happens to go splendidly with some other dishes that I hold in particularly high esteem: namely, bacon. So, in honour of this match made in food heaven, here are a few of the ways that bacon and poutine have come together in edible harmony.

How Bacon and Poutine Match

Poutine is an incredible dish, but when it comes to pure depth of flavour, it can be full but slightly bland. The fries are wonderful in texture but often mild in flavour, likewise with the wonderful cheese curds, who are all about mouthfeel more than sharpness. The gravy might be well-seasoned, but it is still fairly one note. The bacon adds additional texture with its crunch, a lot of salty flavour, and a wonderful smoky depth to the dish, truly elevating poutine to the realm of the extraordinary.

Great Bacon Poutine

If you want to try some great bacon poutine, you should go to one of the restaurants that has great poutine full stop. In Quebec, the home province of poutine and home to some of Canada’s finest restaurants, you should definitely check out La Banquise. They have a whole menu full of specialty poutines, including several that feature a healthy dose of bacon.

Pulled Pork Poutine

If one dose of pork is not quite enough for you and you want to go for true culinary overload, then you may want to seek out the pulled pork poutine. We are especially find of the pulled pork poutine at Poutini’s on Queen West in Toronto. In addition to the sweet, smoky pulled pork, this poutine also comes with a crunchy sprinkle of bacon, making it a true pork-lover’s dream.