Bacon And Picky Eaters – They do Exist

Everyone has a picky eater in their life. Heck, it’s entirely possible that you were once a picky eater. Not every bacon lover starts out as a ravenous gourmand with an insatiably adventurous palate. Many of us start out as ordinary children who have a deep suspicion of any food that is new, or green, or simply not covered in cheese sauce. Kids can be notoriously difficult to cook for because of their limited tastes and their reluctance to try something different.

Of course, picky eaters don’t just come in pint-sized form. Many people retain their limited eating habits well into adulthood. My boyfriend, for instance, still looks at vegetables like foreign objects, and will only eat them if I manage to hide or disguise them inside more familiar foods. Whether old or young, we’re all going to run into a picky eater sooner or later, and, inevitably, we’re all going to have to cook for them.

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Fried Mac n’ Cheese Balls Recipe

Fried mac and cheese balls
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I guess this is instalment 3 of “What the heck can Chef Rob do with Mac n’ Cheese”. I had some leftover mac n’ cheese from my Grilled Mac n’ Cheese escapade that I knew I could do something creative with. Unfortunately, I was drawing a blank. It is a good thing I have wonderful friends around me – one of them hinted that they had seen somebody batter and deep fry some Mac n’ Cheese. So I thought I’d give it a go.

Unfortunately, It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. I did not have enough béchamel sauce to keep everything together, so I was unable to make little balls. But I will hint at how this should be done.

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The Ultimate Guide to Wrapping Things in Bacon: Top 25

While the world may continually throw us curveballs, and not everything goes our way. But if there’s something that will always be there for us to cheer us up, it’s bacon.

It’s long been an established fact that bacon makes everything better. With this in mind, it’s only fitting that we provide you with the ultimate guide to wrapping bacon around pretty much anything in existence. And anything tightly wrapped in bacon gains many hit points and much experience. (Did you see what I did there?) So, click through to see all of the many ways bacon works its magic.

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Bacon-Swirl Cinnamon Buns with Rum Icing Recipe

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I’ve been receiving emails from our loyal fans explaining that I need to make harder recipes. That our famous cookie recipe was easy, our ‘chocolate bar candy’ recipe was even easier, and obviously our waffle recipe was pretty easy. These recipes however all had one two similarities, they had bacon in them all and they tasted DELICIOUS! I decided I’d take on this challenge and make a harder recipe, hence why this recipe is classified as an Intermediate skill level.

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What is Canadian Bacon?

Since a lot of this blog’s audience is Canadian and we have some Americans, we often get questions about this mysterious food product that circulates North of the 49th parallel, forever out of reach of our American bacon friends’ reach. What, exactly, is Canadian bacon?

Unfortunately, making things worse for our American friends is the fact that they have something already in their grocery departments that makes the absurd claim that it is Canadian bacon, but it’s actually something else entirely. Today, on the Republic of Bacon, we delve into this matter and try to pull out the juicy truth of it all. Follow us after the break as we tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Canadian bacon.

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Bacon Love Friday: From Grandma Bacon Crimes to the Great Canadian Bacon Festival

We’re well into the swing of summer, and the heat just keeps pumping up, doesn’t it? The air conditioning broke down in the Republic of Bacon a few days ago, and I thought I’d have to strip down to my bathing suit. But I realized that cooking bacon in a frying pan with just a bathing suit on could lead to burny grease splatter, and I decided to just tough it out. Bacon always wins out over physical comfort. But without any further ado, here’s our favourite bacon links for the week:

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Bacon Love Friday: From Bacon Ipsum to Frozen BLTs

We’ve been doing a lot of aerobics lately, and so our hamstrings are taut and our glutes resemble bowling balls. Why all of the exercise, you ask? Why, so we can cover as much ground as possible in our weekly round-ups of the bacon online world. Surfing the web requires a great deal of core body strength. If you don’t feel the same way, I can assure you that you are doing it wrong. Anyhoo, after all of that limbering, and all of that discovering, we have some great links to point out for you.


Buttermilk Biscuits with Bacon

Image Provided by Mommy I'm Hungry

The Mommy, I’m Hungry! Blog offers this delicious variation on what is essentially an Egg Muffin. The recipe includes some delicious-looking homemade buttermilk muffins, scrambled eggs, grated cheese and, of course, your favourite bacon. And they look so simple! I’m already dying to have some.


Bacon and Eggs T-Shirt

With it being a hot, humid summer, we are sweating through t-shirts like it ain’t nobody’s business. With that in mind, I’ve found these home-made bacon and egg t-shirts by Tara Spinoza. They are relatively cheap ($20 US), and come in the full gamut of sizes and colours. This one seems like a perfect choice for brunch – when the server asks you what you want to order, you can simply point to your shirt.


Fontina, Spinach and Bacon Shells and Cheese

Katie Goodman, of GoodLife Eats, offers us this bowl of delight. And it makes me think: even though bacon and spinach are sort of at the opposite ends of the food spectrum, that they secretly want to be together. I mean, I seem to run into recipes where they snuggle up next to each other inside a pasta shell, like pretty much every other week. This doesn’t mean that the bacon and spinach shouldn’t be together, particularly when their bed is cushioned with a healthy amount of cheese. It just means that I think we can detect a secret romance here.


The Cheese Crisp Bacon Burger

I’m including a link to this burger not because it is doing anything particularly new. But because, for me, photos of burgers exploding cheese and bacon outward from two buns are like the bacon version of cute overload. I just can’t get enough of them. The recipe also includes the idea of cheese crisps, which, like, is totally awesome.


Bacon Ipsum Generator

This joke may be a little too obscure for some people. But for those who do use the Lorum Ipsum text when they are putting up mock-ups of websites, you can now baconify the text (well, to be honest – you are meatifying it). Even if you don’t use Lorum Ipsum, you still might want to visit the page. It’s never a bad idea to read five paragraphs of meat words!


Bacon-Stuffed Avocado

A bacon-stuffed avocado! A bacon-stuffed avocado! No word on where this comes from, or what the recipe to make it involves (I assume some bacon and an avocado). But, hey everyone, it’s a bacon-stuffed avocado!


A Frozen BLT

This is for those hot mornings when you want your regular Sunday breakfast, but also want to cool off. (Note: not really a BLT, but really frozen.)

Bacon Love Fridays: From The Baconing to Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

It’s TGIF again. And that means it’s the day when we spread a little bacon-love all around the Internet. Here are some of my favourite bacon things – recipes, tumblr posts, just plain wackiness – that have popped up in the last week or so. Pick up your bacon-eating fork (I know you have a special one!) and join us in eating our way through this week’s bacony links.


Nom Nom Paleo Bacon T-Shirt

Image Provided by

I think the Paleo diet is currently my mostest favourite diet EVAH. Here is a great t-shirt by Nom Nom Paleo: the Deadlift Girl thinking only of steak and bacon. I love it! Clearly, there need to be more bacon-centric diets and related clothing. If Nom Nom Paleo is listening, I just want you to know that I am a size medium, and my favourite colour is blue.


Bacon and Egg Burger

Image Provided by

Well, it’s not actually a bacon burger – they are using a strange form of sausage that has been stripped of its casing. But nothing is stopping you from making it a bacon burger, and then putting an egg on top, now is there? Please do so, and then tell us how right I am about everything, but mostly this.


Spicy Bacon Spaghetti

YumSugar gives us this recipe for spicy bacon spaghetti. As the recipe reminds us, “Just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your own pasta sauce!” It’s why I always keep some canned tomatoes and bacon on hand. A bacon-y pasta sauce will always save a busy cook’s bacon. (Yeah, I said it.)


The Baconing

So. There’s a new bacon video game in town. I’m not quite sure what it does. This is a brief description: “The game starts with DeathSpank in a city called Spanktopia, where he sets out on a quest to find the Fires of Bacon.” Okay! I think we’ll stop there. The Baconing. Hrmmm.


Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed and Grilled Jalapeno Peppers


When I did my wrap-up of BBQ recipes yesterday for Bacon Rub, I forgot about this one: a recipe for bacon-wrapped jalapeno peppers. Holy Hannah, does this look delicious! And the peppers are jammed with various types of cheeses. If you didn’t know, I am thinking of changing my first name to “Various Types of Cheeses And.” You know, so that people will call me “Mr Various Types of Cheeses And Back Bacon.” I think it will roll off the tongue. Or at least sound delicious.


Quick and Easy Sauteed Corn with Bacon and Scallions Recipe

This recipe could easily sit on top of the red and white checkered tablecloth next to those bacon-wrapped stuffed and grilled jalapeno peppers. In fact, I advise you to do this for the next BBQ and report back on all of the happy and satisfied BBQ fans.


Do Not Take Great Grammy Bee’s Bacon

Image Provided by


Do not! Does she look like she wants you to take her bacon? I thought not!

The Best Bacon Soups the World Has Ever Seen

We may think that the time for soups is coming to a close for the year, but the thing about soups – the secret fact that no one seems to realize – is that they are awesome and should be eaten pretty much every week. And it should also be pointed out that we haven’t had a very good spring and winter in some parts of the country. It never feels like it is getting warmer. So why not eat some bacony soup? Mama, tells you to! Below, I’ve collected my favourite bacon soups from across the web, and I’m delivering them safe to the comfort of your computer screen.

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Five of the Best Bacon-Wrapped Seafood Apps

When we think of surf and turf, it’s normally steak with a couple of a shrimp. You know, no big whoop. But there’s plenty of other things that walk on the land aside from steak – and bacon is one of the more delicious things! Today, we honour bacon’s incredible ability to turf it up when it’s matching itself with all kinds of surf. The full list of our all-time favourite match-ups follows after the jump.

Before we begin, there’s one thing we should note: one of the best reasons why you’d want to enjoy bacon-wrapped sea-anything is because it’s so easy. As I’ve said a bunch of times, I am a teensy bit of a moron when it comes to using my kitchen to its full potential. That’s why it’s nice to know I can fake my way to something half decent by just wrapping some sea creatures in bacon.

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