The Ultimate List of Bacon iPhone apps – More Like Three Really Good apps

Are you so obsessed with bacon that you need to cook some even when you aren’t anywhere near a kitchen? Do you love your iphone so much that you just like to play with it any chance you get? Now you can merge these two obsessions with a wonderful invention: bacon iphone apps.

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Going Fishing? Turns Out Bacon is the Best Bait

Bacon has a lot of uses. We’ve already discussed a few on this site, and we are always looking for more. One of the most intriguing is its use as fish bait.

When and where people started using bacon as a fish bait has been lost to the mists of time. But somehow, some brilliant person got the idea, and sport fishing has, as a result, never been more awesome.

Bacon is a particularly good lure if you are going after the always difficult to catch catfish. A world-renowned catfish fisherman named Roger Aziz swears by it. “Hickory smoked bacon works best,” he says. Apparently the salt and grease from the bacon attracts the fish. Who knew that catfish had such good taste?

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Member of the Republic of Bacon Army Greg Martin creates a masterpiece!

On Monday this week we posted on our facebook page a truly inspiring recipe for Bacon Cheeseburger Soup. Greg Martin responded “I am so making this! Who is coming over for soup?” Honorary RoB Army Member Greg Martin took the post as a challenge, creating the dish for himself. After making it he posted “I made it. Very good, but turned out really spicy. I might remove the seeds from the peppers if i make it again

We at the Republic of Bacon honor you Greg Martin, and the great job you have done. If anyone else has tried our recipes tell us what you think, and send us a picture of how it looked! Greg may have been a fan of Chef Rob before creating this recipe, but now Chef Rob is a fan of Greg as well!

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