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Bacon Weave Love Roundup

We came across an interested photo on the internet, of none other than a bacon weave cheese sandwich. Although sandwich is a very loose term here as the bread is a bacon weave.

Now it got us thinking of the various bacon weave options a person can do to a meal. And from that we have created this roundup of great bacon weaves across the Internet.

To get things started, here is the methodology on how to create your very own bacon weave.

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My Resolution is 2011 Will Bring More Bacon-Flavoured Happiness To the World

It’s been a tough year for all of us. The economy is still not great, and many people are out of work. But thankfully, there’s one thing positive about 2010: bacon is still plentiful. Bacon may not be as exciting as a new flat screen TV or an ipad, but it can certainly make me just about as happy. So, my resolution for 2011 is to make my life happier by adding more bacon. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful, it’s simple and effective: 2011 is the year of bacon and happiness. Here are some of the ways I’ll be adding bacon to my life.

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Today was a glorious day. Not because I had gourmet Bacon and Eggs (I will be sharing that recipe soon). Not even because I tried …again to make Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies. Ladies and Gentleman, today a large package came addressed to me.

Yes, I was shocked someone cared enough to ship me a nice large box. But the most wonderful thing lay inside. Cradled in the warmth of cardboard and white popcorn Styrofoam lay my Holiday present (technically not a holiday present, it just landed around the day) from Black Rock Spirits, the bottling company who produces Bakon Vodka.

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Bacon Soda: Is This Taking Bacon Too Far?

Jones Bacon Soda Pack

I spend the day looking for new and exciting things to tell you about bacon. It’s our passion and our meaning in life. Most of the time, we like what we find. After all, finding interesting ways to enjoy bacon is always a great idea! But sometimes, in our search, we come across something so crazy, even we don’t know what to do with it. This is one of those things. A few days ago, Jones Soda company announced that they were releasing a new soda: a bacon-flavoured soda. Continue reading this article…

Storing Your Precious Bacon – 5 Critical Tips

Like any food that needs to be kept fresh, you should always be careful storing raw bacon. Even if you don’t get sick, storing bacon wrong can definitely change its flavour – and you don’t want that. So here are some tips to remember when storing bacon. Continue reading this article…

Bacon for Change – Bacon-Palooza

If you are in the New York City area on October 15-17 we recommend checking out Bacon-Palooza. Bacon-Palooza is a celebration of all  things bacon, with all of the proceeds going to help kids with autism.

John Ordover created the event to bring people together from different walks of life, in his words:

“”My son is autistic, and I’m always looking for ways to raise money to help autistic children. I chose bacon not only because ‘everything is better with bacon’ but because bacon crosses over multiple interest groups and social worlds.”

A generous supply of Bacon Hors d’Oeuvres will be served throughout the weekend and at the Open Bar (after 6pm) try the BaKon Vodka or our specialties the BaKon.L.T. and the BaKon-N-Egg Cream.

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Katy Perry to Serenade Us with Bacon

Life just got that much better.

Two of my all time favourite things in the world are coming together in a wonderful music-meat hybrid, Katy Perry, and bacon. Yes, that’s correct; Katy Perry has recently stated her desire to have a meat-theme predominant throughout her next album. While I assume her comments to be taken partially tongue in cheek, it would be particularly interesting to see this actually come to fruition – especially seeing as her fiancée, Russell Brand, is notably a vegetarian. Continue reading this article…

Big Thumbs up to Republic of Bacon Army Member Sandra!

BaconliciousAfter posting our recipe for some amazing Bacon cookies member of the Republic of Bacon Army on facebook Sandra created the recipe herself! The cookies were so good, she actually missed her lunch because of them! In her own words:

“I ‘tasted’ too many cookies & ‘sampled’ too much of the drippings to be hungry!”

Thanks for being awesome Sandra. We love the heart that you put into these cookies. We hope you enjoyed making them as much as we did! The Republic of Bacon salutes you!

FREE Bacon to all of our Fans!

The Promotion is now closed as we reached 10,000. Join our facebook page to find out about future promotions

We have some exciting news for all Canadians this weekend. September 4th is International Bacon Day, and to celebrate the Republic of Bacon is giving away 10,000 coupons of Maple Leaf Reclosable Bacon to their Canadian fans on Facebook. To qualify for the free bacon Canadians will only have to “Like” The Official Republic of Bacon fanpage and fill out a form with their mailing address.

The bacon being given away is the only available reclosable bacon in Canada, adding that extra convenience to the bacon cooking process. It’s also made so that it is easy to fork out each piece of bacon individually, instead of getting your hands messy.

International Bacon day is celebrated annually on the Saturday before Labor Day, started in 2004 by a group of CU Boulder University Students. Celebrations are about enjoying Bacon with friends and family, and trying new bacon creations!

Why are we doing this? Simple, we asked our readers what they wanted most from our glorious republic. What did our readers/fellow bacon lovers/bacon ethusiants want? Free bacon!

We went one step further and thought it would be unfair to just give free Maple Leaf Reclosable bacon just to our fans. Why not give out more? That is why we decided to even allow our readers friends and family to get involved. That way everyone gets Free Maple Leaf Bacon!

All you need to do is head over to our Facebook Fan page and claim your coupon. The coupon will be mailed to you and is only eligable for Canadian residents. We only have 10,000 coupons to give out, make sure you become a Facebook Fan right now.

Don’t forget, you can also follow us on Twitter, Flickr and Youtube.

Update: We have reached the 10,000 mark. The promotion is now closed.