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Win Big with Bacon Contests!

Do you have a bacon-related skill or talent that sets you apart from the average bacon lover? Do you have a recipe or bacon specialty that always leaves your dinner guests begging for more? Are you famous for your bacon art? Are your bacon skills renowned far and wide? Are you master of mistress of your own bacon domain, the undisputed champion of bacon in your community?

Then don’t languish away in obscurity, but embrace the fame and accolades that inevitably await you! It’s time to share your talents with a much wider audience and get recognized for your mastery of the bacon arts. Today, we’ve assembled a list of some of the best bacon contests going on around the world so that all our bacon-loving readers can enter. Earn fame and fortune, and have a fun and delicious time in the process!

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Bacon World Records

Bacon lovers all around the world have each developed different ways to demonstrate and celebrate their love of bacon. Some are chefs, preparing wonderful meals for their friends and families to celebrate their bacon love. Some are much better at eating than cooking, and make it their duty to seek out the best bacon dishes at restaurants in their cities. Some bacon fans, however, prefer to show their love by indulging in their competitive side.

Bacon lovers around the world have set several incredible world records when to comes to making dishes featuring bacon, eating bacon, and other bacon related activities. Here are some of the most stunning bacon world records still standing

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Bacon Eating Contests Banned!

We live in trying times, fellow bacon lovers. Recently, word reached the Republic of Bacon that a world-wide bacon shortage was looming on the horizon. This alone would be enough to set the sturdiest bacon fan quaking in their boots. However, if ever there is a dedicated fan base in the world, it is the bacon fans all over this beautiful planet. No matter what the lean times happen to bring, we show that we will survive it not only intact and stronger than ever.

However, much to our dismay, it seems as though the fallout from this potential bacon shortage has already begun to send ripples throughout the bacon community. Already, we are starting to feel the pinch from the coming lean times. The first bacon-loving community to tighten their belts in anticipation of the coming bacon drought were none other than a group who are usually defined by their indulgence rather than their restraint: Major League Eating (MLE).

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Record Breaking Bacon Cheeseburger

My love of cheeseburgers is well-known and documented. I am of the mind that the bacon cheeseburger may be the finest example of North American cuisine in history, and never pass up the opportunity to try a new one. When a new burger place opens up in my town, I am sure to be in line on opening day, ordering up a bacon cheeseburger with all the fixings. It’s no small wonder then that bacon cheeseburgers have featured quite prominently on the Republic of Bacon during my tenure here, something that I don’t intend to change. The cheeseburger makes for such a perfect vehicle for bacon, it’s hard to resist writing about (never mind eating).

And so, it is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that the previous record has been shattered, and, just this past weekend, the largest bacon cheeseburger ever served entered the world.

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Bacon and Pumpkin Coffee Wins Big

There are lots of reasons to love the fall, fellow bacon lovers: the beauty of the changing leaves, the crisp freshness that returns to the cooking air, sweater and woollen socks. It’s also a time of renewal, with that back-to-school buzz in the air and excitement almost everywhere you go. But there is one thing that makes me excited about autumn more than anything else: the return on the pumpkin spice flavoured coffee. This seasonal favourite is something I look forward to all year and miss deeply during those hot summer months when iced coffee reigns supreme and I am the only weirdo missing that nutmeg-and-cinnamon goodness. Any day now, that syrupy, caffeinated drink is going to return to coffee shop menus and I shall rejoice.

I didn’t think there was any way to improve upon this glorious beverage, but I was wrong. Some genius has actually thought to combine the pumpkin spice coffee with one of the other best things in the universe: I speak, of course, of bacon. That’s right, the bacon-flavoured pumpkin-spice coffee has now entered the world, and my head might explode out of sheer happiness. Continue reading this article…

Bacon Voted Britain’s Favourite Food

I can’t imagine that it is very surprising to hear that bacon is my favourite food. Oh, there is certainly some stiff competition for the number one edible place in my heart. I love cheese in all forms to a truly ridiculous degree, and my adoration of fettuccine Alfredo is well-documented. I really enjoy baking too, and whether it is a fresh loaf of bread or a still-steaming piece of home made pie, anything that comes out of my oven is always supremely satisfying and delicious. But when push comes to shove, and I need to name the food that I love above all others, it just has to be bacon. Smoky and salty and crispy, it’s the one thing that always tops my list, that I’ll never get sick of, that will always leave me craving more.

Therefore, I am extremely pleased but similarly not surprised that Great Britain recently voted bacon their favourite food. The Top 100 Food Index is one of the most comprehensive surveys of British tastes ever taken, and bacon positively topped the charts. In fact, one on ten British survey-takers indicated that bacon was their absolute favourite food.

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Bacon will be Sizzling at the CNE

There are few things more celebratory, for summer, and that is fair food. Whether it’s something deep-fried and covered in sugar or deep-fried and served on a stick, you know that it is going to be indulgent and delicious. Every year, I eat very virtuously for a few weeks just to prepare myself to throw it all away and spend a few days wandering around various fair grounds, interspersing rides on the Ferris wheel or bumper cars with trips to the concession stand for elephant ears, corn dogs or deep friend macaroni and cheese. And, of course, whenever one of those snack tents offer something with bacon, the results are even more exciting and delicious.



Bacon Comes to the CNE

One of the biggest fairs for the city dwellers of Toronto and the surrounding communities in the Canadian National Exhibition, which takes place on the huge exhibition grounds down by the city’ waterfront every single year. The fair has been running for 133 years now, and regularly attracts 1.3 million visitors. Continue reading this article…

Crystal Bacon Sculptures

Here at the Republic of Bacon, we do all that we can to support up and coming bacon entrepreneurs – or bacontrepreneurs, as we like to call them. The reason that bacon occupies such a hallowed place in popular culture (other than its sheer deliciousness, of course) is the fact that smart, savvy, and creative bacon loving folks out keep innovating new and exciting ways to prepare, consume and celebrate this food.

We eagerly seek out new bacon products and projects, like just about anything the great people are J&D’s Foods rolls out or any tasty treat The Baconery cook up in their magical kitchens, and give them as much a boost as we can. When it comes to celebrating inventiveness, we want to encourage all the bacon lovers out there to keep creating and coming up with new things. Continue reading this article…

The Baconiest Cheeseburger Around

Ah, the bacon cheeseburger. Few foods exist that are quite as perfect as this edible wonder. I personally like my bacon cheeseburgers with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard and mayo – a relatively simple combination, unchanged since I was a little girl, but there is something about that flavour combination that sends me right to my happy place. It’s one of the most quintessential summer dishes, the first thing I toss on the barbecue on that first really warm day of the year.

Bacon cheeseburgers have also been a stable of the fast food industry since the very beginning, and the temptation to pull over and go through the drive-thru to pick one up as a midweek treat is something I indulge in often – admittedly, maybe a little too often. Continue reading this article…

Pancakes and Bacon

Bacon is an incredibly versatile food, and so it ends up being used in a huge variety of ways and in a vast amount of different types of dishes. Bacon is equally at home topping a healthful salad as is it candied and perched delightfully atop a sparkling, sugary cupcake. Bacon is as perfect wrapped around the delicate scallop as is it sauteed with vegetables, adding depth of flavour and richness to a stew.

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