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Bacon and Poutine

Ah, Poutine. Could there be a dish more hearty, more indulgent, more stalwartly Canadian? The golden french fries, each cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of fluffiness inside to offset the wonderful crunch. The rich, creamy gravy, warm and enveloping, whose heat melts the cheese just slightly. And of course the cheese curds, so fresh and pure they squeak between your teeth when you bite into them. Truly, poutine is one of those genuinely perfect foods, a pinnacle of human culinary achievement, and I for one couldn’t be more proud that it originated North of the border.

As you might have expected, as one of the world’s great dishes, poutine happens to go splendidly with some other dishes that I hold in particularly high esteem: namely, bacon. So, in honour of this match made in food heaven, here are a few of the ways that bacon and poutine have come together in edible harmony.

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Decorating for a Bacon Brunch

When I first moved back to the big city, I quickly fell into the habit of going out with my friends for bunch a lot. Almost every weekend we would pick a new exciting location or one of our favourite spots and spend a lazy late morning drinking coffee and chatting. I loved spending time with my friends, but the habit quickly got expensive, and when some of us changed job situations we had to look for something new. We ended up coming up with an even better standing plan: having each other over for brunch! Each week, one of us takes a turn hosting. And as you can imagine, most of the brunches that take place at my house are bacon-themed.

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Halloween Holiday Planning: Bacon Candy!

That nip is in the air these days, especially in the evenings, the leaves and changing colours and falling to the grounds, and kids are settling into their classes as the initial excitement of back to school season settles into a comfortably routine. Fall is here to stay, that is for sure. As the nights keep getting longer and the days chillier, it’s time to start thinking about one of the great the season: Halloween, of course!

While October 31st is still a few weeks away, those who love the holiday already have their minds spinning about how to plan for it. All along the street in my neighbourhood, the silhouettes of black cats are appearing in windows and fake spiderwebs are covering the doors. I’ve even seen a few pumpkins decorating the stoop (though no carved jack-o-lanterns yet!).

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Bacon Love Friday: A Bacon-Wrapped Thanksgiving Dinner

This coming weekend in Thanksgiving in the Northern realm of Canada, dear bacon lovers, and all over this fair country friends and families are preparing for a feast of epic proportions. Cinnamon and nutmeg-scented pumpkin pies will be cooling on window ledges, turkeys will be stuffed and trussed, and unbelievably good smells will be issuing from kitchens from Vancouver to St. John’s. It’s a wonderful time of year, when good food and togetherness and celebrated with gratitude.

And since Thanksgiving is all about celebrating some of the finest foods in the world, or at least those in season in the Autumn, this is also a time to celebrate bacon. There are many wonderful opportunities to integrate bacon into your Thanksgiving meal, from the appetizers to desserts. Here are some of our favourite Thanksgiving-themed bacon dishes – be sure to try some this weekend!

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Fall: The Season of Romance (and Bacon)

When you think about romance, most likely the first season that springs to mind is, well, Spring. It is easy to see why: after a long cold winter, all the flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are singing, and new life and freshness is everywhere. The sunshine and warmer days put everyone is a good mood. Seems like the perfect time for romance! But with everyone so fixated on Spring as the time for love, I feel that Fall sometimes gets neglected – and personally, it is my favourite time to get close to someone. The changing colours make for beautiful walks through the park, seasonal menus are extra delectable and just begging for dates, and the cooler temperatures are made for snuggling. That sounds pretty darn romantic to me!

So, in the spirit of Autumn romances, we thought we would but together a list of bacon-inspired fall activities that you can do with your sweetie!

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An Autumn Dinner with Bacon

A remarkable thing happened this past weekend bacon lovers, something I have been waiting for with baited breath for many months: Football returned. That’s right friends, this past Sunday was the very first Sunday of the regular NFL season, a fact that makes me ridiculously happy. Not only do I get to watch my favourite collision sport every single weekend (and occasional weekday evening), but the return of Football also means that fall is officially here. While some people take the signal that Autumn has officially arrived from the changing colours of the leaves, the beginning of the school year, or seasonal-flavoured coffees returning to coffee shop menus all over, nothing rings in the season quite like the very first time an announcer yells “first down!”

Now that this glorious season has once again upon us, I’ve also been busily rifling through my recipe books, putting together all kinds of exciting meal ideas to celebrate this time of year. Fall has always held a special place in my heart for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the food that is most often associated with the season is some of my absolute favourites. My goal lately has been putting together an excellent meal that is perfect for the Fall, and for a weekend day spend watching Football. Of course, such a meal absolutely has to contain a healthy helping of bacon with every course!

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International Bacon Day

And how did you celebrate this past long-weekend, bacon lovers? Did you spend some time at the cottage, swimming in the lake or sunbathing with family and friends? Did you go camping or hiking? Or perhaps did you stay home, reading peacefully on the front porch in the morning and barbecuing in the back yard later in the day? Though it’s often a sign that summer is coming to a close (and the most ominous sign of back to school season) the long weekend at the beginning of September might be one of my favourite weekends of the year.

Of course, it’s not just the promise of cooler Autumn days and the excitement of new classes that makes this weekend extra-special, not is it just Labour Day (which takes place the first Monday of September in the United States and here in Canada). Nope, the other reason that this weekend is so special is that the Saturday of the Labour Day weekend is one of the most important North American holidays for Bacon Lovers: International Bacon Day.

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The Stratford, Ontario Bacon and Ale Trail

Ah, Stratford, ON. Home of a world-renowned Shakespeare festival, fantastic restaurants and B&Bs, and some of the boldest swans in all of Canada. (Seriously, these swans are nuts. One tried to take an entire bagel right out of my hand and then hissed when I pulled away.) Stratford is a wonderful place to spend a weekend with a friend or partner, seeing some classical theatre, walking by the beautiful river, and patronizing one of the many fine pubs and restaurants that fill the small community. It makes for a truly wonderful little getaway, and is a great way to do something out of the ordinary in a picturesque and low-stress environment.

Stratford is home to a lot more that brilliant shows and quaint hotels, however. The bustling small town also has some wonderful tours and activities – even one specially designed for bacon lovers! So if you happen to have some time before taking in the evenings entertainment at one of the town’s many theatres, be sure to stop by the Stratford Tourism Alliance and get some information about the fantastic Bacon & Ale Trail!

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Bacon Tea: A Diamond Jubilee Special

Right now, Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, a huge, international series of parties being thrown to mark her 60th anniversary as the ruler of England. Imagine it, 60 years on the throne! All throughout the UK, and countries with close ties to the monarchy (like old colonies and dominions), parades, galas and other celebrations are being thrown to mark this momentous occasion. Not only has the Queen ruled for a full 60 years, but she is also very well loved by her own subjects and the international community. The official date of the Diamond Jubilee was June 2nd 2012, and it is only the second such celebration ever to be held in the history of the British monarchy – the only other ruler to make it to their Diamond Jubilee was Queen Victoria, who celebrated hers on June 22nd 1897.

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My Bacon Birthday

This year, there is absolutely no excuse: I am going to have a bacon-themed birthday party. I have always wanted to celebrate the anniversary of my birth by surrounding myself with as much delicious bacon as humanly possible. While bacon usually figured fairly prominently in the festivities – last year we prepared an epic bacon explosion on my beloved barbecue – this is the year I am officially going all out. Everything from the cake to the napkins is going to be bacon themed. Bacon gifts are highly encouraged. I am going to spend the entire day surrounded by my favourite food as well as all my favourite people, and go to bed feeling fat but completely happy.

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