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The Ultimate Bacon Treats

As you may know, desserts are one of our favourite meals, and they are even better with the addition of bacon. Last year we created a list of the top 25 Bacon Dessert Recipes and this year we decided to follow through and create a list of the top 2012 bacon dessert recipes.

This list is in no specific ranking and order, and of course there are a recipe or two from our very own Chef Rob, since he makes some of the beset dessert recipes in the world!

The list below encompasses 5 Bacon Desserts that we have come across the Internet that deserve to be shared:

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Flavour Pair: Bacon and Caramelized Onions

Every once in a while I become obsessed with a particular combination of flavours. There was a whole week last year where almost everything I ate contained some combination of peanut butter and banana. More recently, I went on a roasted red pepper and goat cheese kick, finding every possible way to combine these flavours, from pasta to sandwiches. But right now, at this moment, the flavour combo that has me totally obsessed is caramelized onions and bacon.

There are a few reasons why this is such an incredible flavour combination. The onions become incredibly sweet as they cook down, which offsets the saltiness of the bacon perfectly. Both become smoky when they cook, but in totally different ways. The textures are a brilliant contrast, with the onions getting so soft they’re almost creamy, which is amazing with the crunchiness of the bacon. And both require slightly long cooking time to be perfect, both the bacon sizzling in a pan or the onions slowly cooking down as you gently stir.

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Bacon and Lobster – A Perfect Pairing

If there was ever a dish that represented wealth, richness, and indulgence, it would be lobster. Whenever a particularly important celebration is taking place, I know exactly what I am going to order: the biggest lobster tail I can find, all that sweet and tender flesh just waiting to be dipped in butter. If you really want to impress me (and most classy ladies) when you’re taking them out on a fancy date, encourage them to order the lobster. Though lobsters themselves may be funny looking creatures, and keeping and preparing them can be tricky, there is nothing quite to stunning or special than a great lobster dinner.

And what could possibly go better with lovely, buttery lobster than, of course, bacon? In many ways, bacon and lobster were meant for each other. The crunchiness of the bacon offsets the soft, flaky lobster meat perfectly, and the saltiness of the bacon is the ideal complement to lobster’s natural sweetness. On honour of this match made in heaven, here are some of my favourite ways to combine lobster and bacon.

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Hot Bacon Beverages

As much as it pains me to say it, the time of iced coffees and cold everything is sadly over. There’s something about a latte when its on ice that makes me forget I’m drinking enough caffeine to make my heart feel like it’s going to explode, which somehow makes me feel less guilty. That said, with the changing of the coffee shop guard from summer to autumn, hot beverages (many with delicious fall themes) are back in style. And you know what goes brilliantly with hot, tasty drinks? That’s right, bacon!

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Bacon Comfort Food

Depending on the season, we all eat differently. Every spring, I suddenly find myself craving all the lovey fresh vegetables that the season has to offer. In the summer, my taste buds develop a love for everything light and refreshing, like lots of fruits and salads, and of course the ubiquitous summer barbeque. And when a slight chill returns to the air and autumn is upon us again, the only thing that really satisfies me is comfort food.

When you think about it, bacon really is an ideal comfort food. The crunchy texture is satisfying, the salts and fats give us the indulgent feeling we crave, and the smoky flavour makes it feel like we’re doing something nice for ourselves just be eating it. So today, since it happens to be raining and the idea of staying inside and puttering around the kitchen sounds totally delightful, here are a few of my favourite bacon comfort food recipes.

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Bacon Dance Music

We here at the Republic of Bacon absolutely love it when our fine readers send in bacon news and tips for us. It reminds me that we have a whole army of bacon lovers out there in the world, keeping their eyes open for whatever breaking bacon news is happening out there in the real world. Every day our submission form is brimming with all kinds of goodies, and we follow up on your tips whenever we can. Sometimes these pieces in bacon info are just nifty, and sometimes they become a part of a larger post – and every now and again, your tips are some awesome that they become a full post unto themselves.The most recent gem to land in our inbox was not a recipe or a tip about a new bacon-themed restaurant opening up in your town. Nope, this one was much more…creative.

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The Beauty in Bacon Beauty Products

Bacon has a fairly rough-and-tumble image, generally speaking. Being associated with things like grilling meat over a barbecue and filling brunches designed to give you energy for a busy day’s activities, bacon doesn’t often come across as a delicate thing. Part of this is the flavour of bacon instead: deep, smoky, meaty and robust, something that asserts itself strongly in every dish that it is a part of. But some of this also comes from the applications of bacon. Bacon has a reputation for being both intense and extreme, and many bacon products celebrate this, each vying to have the most bacon or most intense bacon flavour of all.

But sometimes, even bacon has to get in touch with it’s softer, gentler side. While mostly we think of bacon as a way to make everything, from food to ordinary products, more extreme, sometimes bacon like to dabble in something a bit more ladylike. So today, we at the Republic of Bacon thought we would take a look at some bacon beauty products.

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Dads Cooking with Bacon

In many ways, my family didn’t ascribe to the usual, rigid gender roles that define a lot of people’s identities. My mom was unquestionably the breadwinner of the family, and my favourite toy for years was a bright red fire truck. But in one way, my family was extremely traditional: my mom did all of the cooking. This was certainly not a “women’s work in the kitchen” scenario whatsoever, but rather a product of the fact that my dad could not cook to save his life. I remember once, my mom having the flu and my dad trying to make eggs for us for breakfast; he gave up and took us out instead. He was always one of those people who couldn’t boil water, while my mom could whip up gourmet meals with what seemed like minimal effort.

But just because my dad couldn’t cook an egg without setting the kitchen on fire doesn’t mean most dad’s can’t cook; quite to contrary. More and more men are picking up the spatula, tying on an apron and concocting delicious meals for themselves, their friends and their families. Whether they’re working over an open flame to grill up a robust barbecue feast or working delicately to perfect a souffle, there are some awesome dad-chefs out there in the world. And like a lot of great home cooks, if there’s one thing dads love to cook with, its bacon.

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S’mores Meet Bacon

Make no mistake, we’re still deep in the sweet, hot happiness of summer, that time of year that smells like coconut sunblock. There are still weeks and weeks of barbecues and bathing suits to look forward to. But I’ve noticed something in the last few days: that it’s getting a little bit cooler at night, raining a little bit more often, and smelling a bit crisp at the edges of all the humidity. It’s the barest hint of it, to be sure, but Fall is just starting to creep in around the very edges of summer.

As much as I adore the summer (I was born in July and have always relished being able to celebrate my birthday with an epic water balloon fight), Autumn might be my favourite season. Hoodies and sweaters, apples in season, falling leaves, perfectly chilly nights – there is so much to love about the Fall. But I think the thing that I love best of all is having parties that go late into the night around a fire pit, everyone snuggled in their warmest sweaters as we roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the open flame – and make s’smores.

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Bacon Baby Clothes – The Newest Fashion Craze

Bacon brings families together. There are few things tat feel more homey or make you feel more loved that waking up on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons when you are a little kid, and already your mom is up and cooking you and your siblings a big breakfast of bacon and eggs. The smell of bacon sizzling in a pan started the morning of some of my best childhood memories. Whether we were going to the beach or a theme park or just playing all day in the back yard, those weekend bacon breakfasts gave us the fuel we needed to get through the day and the delicious aroma made us want to get out of bed no matter how early it was.

While the crispy deliciousness is great for the whole family, not every member might be just ready to sample their first tasty rasher just yet. Since mixing bacon grease in formula or feeding bits of bacon along with cheerios isn’t generally recommended, babies are usually the only family members who can’t fully join in the happiness of a big bacon breakfast. Continue reading this article…