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Top 10 2012 Republic of Bacon Recipes

As you know, we here at Republic of Bacon love our bacon recipes, so much that in fact we have our very own Chef Rob creating beautiful recipes full of bacon.

With over 100 recipes at our disposal, we have thought it was time to make a list of our top 5 recipes for 2012.

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Bacon and Caramel Love

There are a lot of sweet flavours that are classically paired with bacon, usually with absolutely delicious results. One of the most classic examples of course is bacon and maple, which has been combined is everything from coffee to donuts and everywhere in between. Bacon and honey and bacon and brown sugar are also very common and tasty treats (especially the latter, which is usually used to make candied bacon). But one of the least praised and yet most delicious, sweet and savoury pairings is the combination of bacon and caramel.

Caramel, which is really just carefully burnt sugar combined with heavy cream, is sweet, soft, melts beautifully and is used in a whole host of desserts. It has a slightly dark, complex sweetness, much like maple syrup, and therefore matches extremely well with the smokiness and saltiness of bacon. Plus, as salted caramel becomes more recognized as one of the great flavour pairings out there, bacon’s natural saltiness becomes more appealing as well.

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Hot Bacon Beverages

As much as it pains me to say it, the time of iced coffees and cold everything is sadly over. There’s something about a latte when its on ice that makes me forget I’m drinking enough caffeine to make my heart feel like it’s going to explode, which somehow makes me feel less guilty. That said, with the changing of the coffee shop guard from summer to autumn, hot beverages (many with delicious fall themes) are back in style. And you know what goes brilliantly with hot, tasty drinks? That’s right, bacon!

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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon Fan Clubs

If you are a reader of The Republic of Bacon, it is safe to say that you are a bacon fan. Not only are you merely fond of the perfect food that is bacon, but you are interested enough in the subject to regularly read up on it and seek updates on the state of bacon in the world. That takes dedication, devotion, and love. As such, it is perfectly fair to say that our readers are hardcore bacon fans. Bacon lovers. True bacon aficionados.

Of course, the Republic of Bacon is not the only place on the internet where bacon fans can gather to share and discuss there affection for this much-loved pork product. There are a whole host of places online where dedicated fans can share recipes, have conversations, answer quizzes – all about bacon. So for this edition of Bacon Love Friday, we thought we would take a look inside some of the internet’s bacon fan clubs.

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Dads Cooking with Bacon

In many ways, my family didn’t ascribe to the usual, rigid gender roles that define a lot of people’s identities. My mom was unquestionably the breadwinner of the family, and my favourite toy for years was a bright red fire truck. But in one way, my family was extremely traditional: my mom did all of the cooking. This was certainly not a “women’s work in the kitchen” scenario whatsoever, but rather a product of the fact that my dad could not cook to save his life. I remember once, my mom having the flu and my dad trying to make eggs for us for breakfast; he gave up and took us out instead. He was always one of those people who couldn’t boil water, while my mom could whip up gourmet meals with what seemed like minimal effort.

But just because my dad couldn’t cook an egg without setting the kitchen on fire doesn’t mean most dad’s can’t cook; quite to contrary. More and more men are picking up the spatula, tying on an apron and concocting delicious meals for themselves, their friends and their families. Whether they’re working over an open flame to grill up a robust barbecue feast or working delicately to perfect a souffle, there are some awesome dad-chefs out there in the world. And like a lot of great home cooks, if there’s one thing dads love to cook with, its bacon.

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Antony Bourdain Visits Toronto, Loves Bacon

Like many bacon lovers, I’m a huge fan of food television. While I’m not exactly a slouch with the frying pan, there are some evenings when I just don’t feel like a major food undertaking. Those nights, I’m much more likely to grab a bag of sour cream and bacon flavoured chips, put on a pair of my comfiest pyjama pants and enjoy someone else’s culinary creations for a change.

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Lobster Bisque Recipe – Just Amazing

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Lobster Bisque was my first ever experience with the delicious beast. When I was young, I couldn’t bring myself to crack open those shells and pull out the unknowingly delicious meat. See, I have this thing with bugs – if they’re big enough that I can tell they’re looking at me, I don’t like them. A lobster is just a massive bug.

In any case, I was coaxed by my family to at least try their lobster bisque appetizer at a local lobster restaurant in order to taste the essence of lobster and see if I actually did like it. First bite: hooked. I was into crakin shells ever since. Here’s my baconized take on this ridiculously delicious soup. Don’t forget to check out my Amazing French Onion Soup Recipe! Continue reading this article…

Improve Side Dishes by Wrapping them in Bacon!

Let us consider, for a moment, the humble side dish. When I was growing up, side dishes were often something of an afterthought. My very busy mom, who worked full time, always made sure we were well-fed and had great meals, but it was clear that a lot of her energy got used up on the main dish of the evening. Soggy peas, ordinary mashed potatoes or simple steamed broccoli were the most frequent accompaniments to dinner, and were almost always neglected in favour of whatever delicious main dish she had provided (her bacon-wrapped chicken breasts were always my favourite).

Now that I am all grown up and cooking for myself, I have come to have a whole new appreciation for side-dishes, especially now that I know they can be just as tasty as a main course. In particular, I fave found that inventively adding bacon to some of the side dish staples I knew as a kid takes them from merely okay to stupendously delicious. So, I thought I would dedicate a blog post to some of my favourite bacon-wrapped side dishes, brimming with just as much flavour as any main course.

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The Happiness Bacon Brings Us

We spend a lot of time here at the Republic of Bacon contemplating all the various aspects of bacon. We research, test and taste all kinds of wonderful bacon-based recipes. We keep a sharp eye out for any pop culture mentions of bacon. We strive to bring you the scoop on all the hottest bacon news, while also laving room for introspection, to make sure we fully appreciate this magical meat that has so captures out hearts and taste buds. It’s important to leave room to examine the more intellectual, even emotional sides of bacon, to make sure we are taking the time to sit back and smell what’s sizzling in the pan.

Because, at the end of the day, we’re here for the love. We’re hear because we think that bacon is just the bee’s knees, the sugar in our coffee, one of the tasty things that makes being a person worthwhile. Yes folks, the simple fact is that bacon makes us happy. It puts a spring in our step and a grin on our face. It gives us the energy to get through the day with its protein content, and keep us satisfied with its deliciousness. Bacon love is a pure and true love, and we bacon lovers need to take the time to celebrate it.

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Bacon Love Friday: Prepare for the Apocalypse

While we’re certainly not advocating that you go outside with a sandwich board and start screaming “The end is nigh!” at people walking past you on the street, every once in a while is sure seems like the present moment is awfully close to the apocalypse. Between the rising temperatures all around the world, earthquakes that destroy hundreds of millions of dollars worth of delicious delicious cheese (sniff), and pizza being considered a vegetable, sometimes it can seem like the world as we know it is on the way out. Rather than succumb to fear and paralysis, curling into a ball and waiting for the end to come, we at the Republic of Bacon advocate facing a potential apocalypse head on. If the world is going to end, we bacon lovers need to be prepared.

Whether zombies, aliens or good, old-fashioned nuclear war finally do us in, some of us are bound to make it to a post-apocalyptic party. Let’s face it, bacon lovers are resourceful and smart, and have so much to live for, that we’re sure to be the ones battling roaches and mutants for what’s left of the planet. And so, for today’s Bacon Love Friday, here are some crucial skills and tactics that you can employ to continue to enjoy bacon even after the world ends.

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