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Top 10 2012 Republic of Bacon Recipes

As you know, we here at Republic of Bacon love our bacon recipes, so much that in fact we have our very own Chef Rob creating beautiful recipes full of bacon.

With over 100 recipes at our disposal, we have thought it was time to make a list of our top 5 recipes for 2012.

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Twelve of the Best Bacon Appetizer Recipes

With summer’s clock quickly winding down (it’s almost September already?!?), we are all trying to cram as much summer fun into our warm days and nights as possible. BBQs, of course, remain the go-to get-together. But even with all of that meat and drink drawing your guests, you still have to prepare some nibblies for the wait between their steak order and when it’s finished on the grill.

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The Best Bacon Meatloaf Recipes

When Sunday rolls around, and we have to face the yawning chasm of another work week, it’s always nice to have something comforting for dinner that will set us on our way. It’s like being tucked into a snugly bed by our favourite person in the world. Since my favourite person in the world is bacon (and I have a feeling it’s yours, too), why not have a Sunday dinner that celebrates bacon’s life-affirming powers? You can give scallops wrapped in bacon a shot or you can put some bacon in your meatload. Making a super bacon meatloaf.

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Five Strange Baconized Forms of Transportation

Yah, yah, I know: we don’t normally think about bacon when we think of ways of getting around. But bacon has been attached to almost every conceivable thing, so it’s no surprise that the Internet (and let’s face it, real life, too) has conspired to turn many of our forms of transportation into bacon-related forms of transportation. Today, follow me on one of our strangest adventures yet as we explore the idea of bacon transportation. The list begins after the break.

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Top 25 Amazing Bacon Dessert Recipes

We’ve been doing this so long that I feel like I’ve seen every possible bacon dessert out there. I’m sure I’m wrong though – every day I see something new about bacon that I couldn’t have possibly considered before. Because I’ve seen so many, I thought it would be helpful to give you a wrap-up of twenty-five of the best Bacon Desserts. But hey! If you know of some more, comment below. This list is in no specific ranking order and yes I included our bacon dessert recipes. Why? Because Chef Rob is awesome and makes the best bacon recipes in the world. Chef Rob bribed me to say that, I’d say he is second best… Chef Massimo Capra is the best.

The full list appears after the break.

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The Best Bacon Salad Recipes

Salads. As Homer Simpson says: you don’t make friends with salad. Well, today, I hope that is not always true. Cause sometimes in your life, you are going to have to eat salad – and we want to make sure that if you gotta eat salad, we hope it’ll be a good one. After all, Homer might have changed his tune if it was a bacon salad. In that vein, I’ve looked and looked and found the best bacon salad recipes the Internet can produce.

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The Best Bacon Soups the World Has Ever Seen

We may think that the time for soups is coming to a close for the year, but the thing about soups – the secret fact that no one seems to realize – is that they are awesome and should be eaten pretty much every week. And it should also be pointed out that we haven’t had a very good spring and winter in some parts of the country. It never feels like it is getting warmer. So why not eat some bacony soup? Mama, tells you to! Below, I’ve collected my favourite bacon soups from across the web, and I’m delivering them safe to the comfort of your computer screen.

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The Top Bacon and Chicken Recipes

Bacon and chicken? They live together peacefully in the barnyard. Fortunately, they also live quite peacefully on either side of our plates. Today – because I’m such a nice guy – I thought I’d toss out some of the best bacon and chicken recipes I can find on the Internet. Trust me, you’ll love ‘em. Oink and cluck, indeed.

1. Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Croissants

Image Provided by

I have a friend who is absolutely crazy for ranch dressing. She’ll pour it on pretty much everything. It’s just her thing. And because she is a wise and awesome woman, she also loves bacon. I think I know who might like this meal

2. Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken

Image Provided by

We might be onto a thing here: this recipe also includes ranch dressing! But this recipe’s secret weapon is that it is utterly jammed with cheese. And then crusted over with bacon. I suppose that some people might find the picture of the completed meal “gross”, but it certainly gets my tastebuds watering!

3. Chicken Bacon Spinach Fettucine Alfredo

Image Provided by

When the creator of this particular recipe served it to her kids, “They questioned the green stuff, but still ate it anyways.” I too, question the green stuff! But I don’t question the addition of bacon to fettucine alfredo. After all, alfredo sauce is basically Italian for “ranch dressing and cheese.”

4. BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza

Image Provided by

Bacon and chicken on a pizza is sort of a no-brainer, isn’t it? If you are going to put chicken on it, you *have* to throw some bacon on. It’s just how these things work. I won’t mention the awesomeness of the cheese. That sort of speaks for itself. And what it’s saying, very quietly, is eaaaaat meeeee, eaaaaaat meeeeee.

5. Chicken, Bacon and Cream Cheese Mini Tacquitos

Image Provided by

These little apps are apparently very good for when you are watching “NASCAR.” I don’t know heads nor tails about American car races, but tacquitos with bacon and cream cheese sounds like the perfect snack for watching cars driving repeatedly in circles. Okay, I admit it. I have no idea what that last sentence means.

6. Bacon, Ranch and Chicken Mac and Cheese

Image Provided by

Hey everyone! Look! It’s four of our favourite things – bacon, ranch, chicken and cheese – all sort of gooed together and then baked! I can imagine that this would be a great cure for the Monday blahs. Or a great cure for an empty stomach on pretty much any day.

7. Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Quesadillas

Image Provided by

After all of those really hearty meals, it’s a good idea to dial it down a little. Also, it is a mathematically proven fact that avocados and bacon are meant to be eaten in the same meal; therefore, these quesadillas will be delicious. QED. (Chicken and avocados aren’t bad neighbours, either.)

8. Chicken Bacon Crescent Ring

Image Provided by

A lot of chicken and bacon recipes seem to be app-focused: this one is for bite-sized sausage-roll type apps, but with chicken and bacon instead of sausage. Think of them as “pig and chicken in a blanket.” All snuggled up, and ready to eat!

9. BBQ Bacon Apple Chicken

Image Provided by

Probably the simplest recipe we’re showing you today, but also probably the best: put bacon, apples, chicken and bbq sauce in a slow cooker. Let slow cook. Eat melting deliciousness and pray to whatever deity you need to.

The Best Bacon Cookie Recipes

As part of our scouring-the-Internet-to-look-for-the-most-amazing-recipes, today we bring you the best bacon cookie recipes we could find. Bacon and cookies may not seem the most intuitive combination ever, but they do awesomely match. Think of it this way: the cookie says, “COMFORT!” while the bacon says, “EAT ME!” (Well, they both kinda say that, but the bacon is louder.) And, fortunately, the Internet is literally bursting at the seams with delicious bacon cookie recipes. A few of our favourites follow after the jump.

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Bacon Love Friday: The 8 Best Bacon Tumblr Posts of the Week

Since we’ve pretty much run the gamut of bacon blogs on the Internet, I thought we’d shift our focus on Friday Link Loves from individual blogs to a range of blogs. Since Tumblr is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there, I thought we’d start our exploration there. Today, I’m going to give you ten of my favourite bacon blog posts from tumblr sites for the week. These will range from great recipes to general all-around wackiness. Hang onto your TGIF cap – it’s going to get wild! Blog-craziness follows after the leap.

1. Bacon-Infused Pancakes

Image Provided by

I’m not sure how the bacon got inside the pancakes (it’s hiding pretty carefully), but I do like the little crown of bacon. Yummers.

2. Bacon Salad Bowl

Image Provided by

This is the only way anyone should be eating a salad. That is, if their salad doesn’t already have bacon bits on top. But you might as well be on the safe side and use the bacon salad bowl.

3. Bacon Trampoline

Image Provided by

This one could possibly get some people into trouble. After all, you don’t want to start jumping on a wet floor, hoping that it is somehow going to magically turn itself into a bacon trampoline. Or maybe I’m just being close-minded. Maybe that’s exactly how it becomes a bacon trampoline.

4. Bacon and Egg Converse

Image Provided by

These shoes are for the bacon fashion completist. I imagine that it would go well with a knitted bacon scarf and some bacon earrings.

5. Oven-Roasted Bacon-Wrapped Enoki

Image Provided by

Tumblr isn’t just a collection of bizarre photographs and silly jokes. It’s also a source of delicious recipes. Here, we get a simple recipe for some enoki mushrooms doused in maple syrup and wrapped in bacon. Think of it as east meets west, bacon-style.

6. Bacon-Wrapped Steak

Image Provided by

OH EM GEE. Just when you think something like steak can’t get any better, someone adds bacon to it! I think they should probably think about drizzling that with ice cream and vodka. What’s the harm?

7. Potato & Bacon Leek Soup

A show called Hungry in Brooklyn offers this mouthwatering recipe for a bacon and leek soup. It also looks super-easy. If you want to get the full scoop on how to make it, check out the episode where they’ve featured the recipe. Shea Hess is awesome… just saying!

YouTube Preview Image

8. A Giant Pile O’ Bacon

Image Provided by

When it’s the end of the week, it’s probably a good idea to keep the things you love as close to you as possible. To help you out, I’m linking to this photo of bacon. I recommend bringing your face as close to the screen as possible. It’ll help you really get closer to the things you love.