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Bacon Science

Did you know that bacon can be both delicious AND educational? Not only is bacon perfect for putting in your mouth, but it also gives you something to feed your brain. While my idea of a bacon science project would probably be something a lot closer to “Studying The Effects of Bacon As A Motivator” (I would be my own ideal test subject, of course), it turns out that bacon is a pretty cool and science-worthy subject all on its own.

While we definitely recommend that you exercise extreme caution while attempting any of these experiments (and make sure that any kiddos in the vicinity have all the parental supervision that they may need), some of these experiments are totally worth trying out for yourself. On the other hand, others are definitely something you’ll want to leave for the professionals. Either way, they are all pretty interesting. Now, brace yourselves, bacon lovers, it is time to do some science! Continue reading this article…

Bacon History – Time to Hit the Bacon Lecture Hall

For all of us bacon-lovers, it is hard to imagine the world without bacon. Because this food has become such a key part of our diets and is ever more considered an important part of our very culture, picturing a time before bacon is difficult to fathom, But just like such seemingly indispensable items like the toothbrush and deodorant, bacon was something that has to be invented. And, also just like the toothbrush and deodorant, we’re also very glad that we exist is a time in history well after the discovery of bacon.

That said, it is still important to have an awareness of history, even those dark, bacon-less times far in the past. Learning about the historical significance of bacon can give us a great appreciation for it here and now. Continue reading this article…

Bacon Dipping Recipes for Hosting Parties

The holidays are well over by now but that doesn’t mean you won’t be hosting any amazing parties. My friend hosted a party last week and asked that I help by bringing some ‘dipping food’. I searched through all of our amazing bacon recipes but only found one long shot dipping recipe, the hush puppies recipe. It really isn’t considered a ‘Dipping Food’, that is why I decided to bring some simple hummus but the whole ordeal frustrated me. That is why I decided to search the web for the best Bacon Dipping Recipes

But what happens when you’re throwing your fifth party in a week? After you’ve served bacon hors d’oeuvres, wrapped many a main course in bacon, and even broken out the bacon desserts and bacon cocktails, what else is there to do? Fear not! We at the Republic of Bacon are a never-ending source of bacon inspiration, and once again we have some great social eating suggestions. Continue reading this article…

The Most Famous Bacons Ever

Bacon enriches our lives in of so many ways. Most of us know bacon as a ridiculously tasty food, revered the world over for it’s magical powers of deliciousness. But did you know that bacon has also lent it’s names to some incredibly famous people throughout history? It’s true! Bacon is so highly regarded that many great talents and thinkers have borne the name bacon with pride.

Here are some of the most well known examples of Famous Bacons. Continue reading this article…

World’s Largest Bacon Explosion: A Christmas Miracle

What do miracles have to do with bacon? Why, everything!

The holidays are a time of year when miracles seem truly possible. Average people make extraordinary gestures, breaking out of their every day routines to brighten a strangers life, like the anonymous and good-heated folks, dubbed the “layaway angels,” who have paid off the K-Mart layaway accounts of dozens of strangers. No matter who you are and what you believe, Christmastime tends to bring out the best in everyone, and make things that otherwise seem completely beyond the realm of possibility into something real. Continue reading this article…

Bacon Mixed Drinks: Holiday Edition

You know what the world needs more of? Bacon cocktails.

We here at the Republic of Bacon firmly believe that there is nothing on this planet than cannot be baconified. From a classic steak to a stylish bacon tuxedo, everything awesome in the world can be improved with the addition of bacon. No matter for seemingly perfect or self-encapsulated something might seem, introducing bacon to the mix is a surefire way to make it event better. Consider, if you will, the cupcake, a lovely little nugget of sweet delight all on its own. Make that a bacon cupcake, and suddenly something that is wonderful but ordinary becomes positively magical. Continue reading this article…

Bacon Love Friday’s: Bacon and Macaroni to MC Escher Bacon

The summer is rapidly dwindling away. I feel like I didn’t get a chance to any of the fun things I planned to do. You know, like riding a bike along the beach, relaxing at a cottage, hiking along a trail or skydiving nude from an airplane.I have spent most of my evenings dipping rasher after rasher of finely cooked bacon into a beer and watching the sunset. I suppose that’s something. So in these last dying days, let’s take our minds off summer’s inevitable end by thinking only of the crazy bacon things that have happened this week. The full details after the jump. Continue reading this article…

Rigatoni All’Arrabbiata Recipe – Angry Bacon Pasta

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    Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 20 mins

Rigatoni All’Arrabbiata (al-ah-rah-BIA-tah) roughly translates to pissed off rigatoni from Italian. As you can imagine, if a dish was described as being pissed off, it’d probably be a little spicy. When I used to work in a kitchen, I loved it when an arrabbiata order got called. Why, you ask? Well, on the odd occasion, there would be a fool who would request that the chef make it extra hot. Hotter than the fires of burning hell. I would smirk, and kindly tell the waitress, “Sure! Not a problem!”.

I would conjure up a concoction that would be sure to have him begging for a glass of water, a beer, milk, something to soothe his ailing face (No, not just his tongue. His whole face). Now, why would I do such a thing? Other than to sell more beer for the restaurant, it would make the poor bastard really happy. “Finally, somebody makes a spicy pasta around here”, he would tell me. Then go off on his way. Did he come back? Of course. Some Italians are stupid like that (I am Italian, I am allowed to say that!).

The key to making a killer Arrabbiata sauce is not just some awesome hot peppers, but it’s the ingredients around the peppers that truly make the dish shine. That’s true for any pasta sauce, really. The success of the dish will rely heavily on the quality of these three ingredients: the tomatoes, the wine and the cheese. Choose tinned Italian tomatoes, preferably San Marzano. They are remarkably sweet and not very acidic. Never cook with a wine you wouldn’t drink. Finally, choose Parmigiano Reggiano cheese – this is NOT the same as the pre-grated, shaker can of “Parmesan”. No. Put that down. Buy a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano and grate it yourself. It makes a WORLD of difference. Just like our Bacon Recipes make a world of a differnce to the world or I’d like to think so.

Quality in, quality out. You really can’t go wrong. Hmmm That sounds like all Maple Leaf products… quality in, quality out… you can taste the difference. (I really should be a marketer, similar to the musketeers but we serve ads). Continue reading this article…

Baconized Pasta Salad Recipe – Best Pasta Salad Recipe

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I’m telling ya, salad is making a comeback this summer. As long as I keep pairing them with bacon, I don’t know how they could go wrong.

This recipe is a Momma Chef Bacon special. She made this for me when I came to visit last week. It was quite a scorcher outside so she wasn’t in the mood to get the oven or stove going for more than a pot of water (or bacon, there’s always time for bacon). Everything else is cool, crisp and refreshing. Great for a side dish or a full meal! Now I forgot to add in the onion when I photographed this, but it makes a great addition to the dish.

Also, the white vinegar gives a great tang that isn’t there without it. You might be sceptical, but it’s a necessary ingredient.

Continue reading this article…

Bacon Love Fridays: From The Baconing to Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

It’s TGIF again. And that means it’s the day when we spread a little bacon-love all around the Internet. Here are some of my favourite bacon things – recipes, tumblr posts, just plain wackiness – that have popped up in the last week or so. Pick up your bacon-eating fork (I know you have a special one!) and join us in eating our way through this week’s bacony links.


Nom Nom Paleo Bacon T-Shirt

Image Provided by nomnompaleo.spreadshirt.com

I think the Paleo diet is currently my mostest favourite diet EVAH. Here is a great t-shirt by Nom Nom Paleo: the Deadlift Girl thinking only of steak and bacon. I love it! Clearly, there need to be more bacon-centric diets and related clothing. If Nom Nom Paleo is listening, I just want you to know that I am a size medium, and my favourite colour is blue.


Bacon and Egg Burger

Image Provided by lesliekellywhininganddining.blogspot.com

Well, it’s not actually a bacon burger – they are using a strange form of sausage that has been stripped of its casing. But nothing is stopping you from making it a bacon burger, and then putting an egg on top, now is there? Please do so, and then tell us how right I am about everything, but mostly this.


Spicy Bacon Spaghetti

YumSugar gives us this recipe for spicy bacon spaghetti. As the recipe reminds us, “Just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your own pasta sauce!” It’s why I always keep some canned tomatoes and bacon on hand. A bacon-y pasta sauce will always save a busy cook’s bacon. (Yeah, I said it.)


The Baconing

So. There’s a new bacon video game in town. I’m not quite sure what it does. This is a brief description: “The game starts with DeathSpank in a city called Spanktopia, where he sets out on a quest to find the Fires of Bacon.” Okay! I think we’ll stop there. The Baconing. Hrmmm.


Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed and Grilled Jalapeno Peppers


When I did my wrap-up of BBQ recipes yesterday for Bacon Rub, I forgot about this one: a recipe for bacon-wrapped jalapeno peppers. Holy Hannah, does this look delicious! And the peppers are jammed with various types of cheeses. If you didn’t know, I am thinking of changing my first name to “Various Types of Cheeses And.” You know, so that people will call me “Mr Various Types of Cheeses And Back Bacon.” I think it will roll off the tongue. Or at least sound delicious.


Quick and Easy Sauteed Corn with Bacon and Scallions Recipe

This recipe could easily sit on top of the red and white checkered tablecloth next to those bacon-wrapped stuffed and grilled jalapeno peppers. In fact, I advise you to do this for the next BBQ and report back on all of the happy and satisfied BBQ fans.


Do Not Take Great Grammy Bee’s Bacon

Image Provided by blog.brerfly.com


Do not! Does she look like she wants you to take her bacon? I thought not!